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Our Next Event

Our September Trading Day will be virtual

Sunday 20th September 2020 at 1.30pm by Zoom. Due to the latest situation with Covid 19, the next trading day details will be published in the newsletter. At the AGM, it was decided to have the physical Trading Day at the Albion Peace Hall, every second month - so the...

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Want to share your enthusiasm for LETS?

Know anyone interested in making this website more dynamic and creative? Who to create blogs to engage potential members? Make it more informative and interactive? We will be adding the newsletters in here as we can no longer add them on the CES. As it's your website,...

Calendar of Events

With BrisLETS members spreading from up the Sunshine Coast, the Bay Islands, Gold Coast, Lismore, Yarrabilba, Logan Reserve, and out to Condamine, Samford etc, it was decided to have alternative month local Trading Days locally to facilitate more face to face...

Warm welcome to our new members!

Many will have resources because you have had paid work until recently, but don't have cash right now. Like searching for training for your career or an item from Amazon or on Ebay, knowing what it is that will meet your needs, allows you to put attention on your...

 Using resources from many areas

                                           LETS has been the game changer                                           for those struggling to meet basic needs

 Many local support groups are popping up as families affected for the long term, struggle to make changes without the income!

BrisLETS has 31 years of experience of caring and sharing to support members to tap into unvalued resources to earn what they can’t afford, so they can save their cash for the essentials! The online platform makes it very easy!

Being unemployed assumes you are powerless with no hope. BrisLETS gives you resources and hope. Many finding LETS, are able to branch out into areas that they enjoy but didn’t have the cash to develop – they find the energy to develop new ventures that can take them back to paid employment, because their immediate pressures are being taken care of.

You can start with a simple “extra pair of hands” offer and pay the once off joining fee. Joining the Facebook Members Forum will allow you to talk out issues when you feel stuck or get support from the management committee .



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