Committee 2017-18

BrisLETS is run by a committee which is elected at each AGM in July/August.

The 2017-2018 management committee are:

  • President: Simon Cole (BLCE4104)
  • Secretary: Jen Acevedo (BLCE1308)
  • Treasurer: John Tennock (BLCE1472)
  • BrisLETS Website Administrator: vacant
  • CES Website Administrator: Alison Bird (BLCE0022)
  • Membership Secretary: Helen Shaw (BLCE0303)

Subcommitee positions:

  • Meeting Facilitator: Karel Boele (BLCE0986)
  • Events Team : Andrew Gaydon (BLCE1498), Isabelle Derouet (BLCE1335)
  • Promotions Coordinator: Alison Bird (BLCE0022)
  • Social Media Moderators: Alison Bird (BLCE0022), Storm Furness (BLCE0955), Ishka McNulty (BLCE0967)
  • Newsletter Editor: Josephine Brown (BLCE1073)
  • Trading Facilitator: vacant
  • Drop Off Point Hosts: Hugh Dickson (BLCE1369), Storm Furness (BLCE0955), Alison Bryant (BLCE1031), Sylvia Blayse (BLCE0981), Simon Cole – Coopers Plains (BLCE4104), Amanda Farrelly (BLCE0048), Jessica Macdonald – Morayfield (BLCE018)
  • Local Area Coordinators: South – Simon Cole (BLCE4104), Logan – Jessie (BLCE1422)
  • CES Australian Support Team Liaison: Alison Bird (BLCE0022)
  • Mediators: Michelle Maloney (BLCE0755)


Call for Members to help out with BrisLETS jobs!

Trading Support Team

Including Drop Off Point Hosts, Local Area Contacts,  Trading Facilitators

Promotions Team

Including coordinators, Fund raising,

Units Treasurer

Secretary and President to join the Management Committee

Please log into CES, search for the User “Admin’ check out the Wants list.

Write to the President (Simon) for further information.

Any enquiries about committee work, minutes, etc., please contact us. We can invite you to our online collaboration team in


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