Committee 2023

The Management Committee:

  • President:  Suzanne Gallagher  BLCE0013
  • Treasurer: Kelly Watts BLCE0041
  • Committee member: Roy Hanfling BLCE1032

Management Support Team

  • CES Website Administrator Roy Hanfling BLCE1032
  • CES Australian Liaison: Roy Hanfling BLCE1032
  • BrisLETS Website Administrator: Roy Hanfling BLCE1032
  • Newsletter:  Kelly Watts BLCE0041
  • Trading Day Coordinator for Albion Peace Centre:  Kelly Watts BLCE0041
  • Membership Secretary: Roy Hanfling BLCE1032
  • Secretary (appointed): Kelly Watts BLCE004
  • Social Media Moderators: Ishka McNulty (BLCE0967), Kelly Watts BLCE0041, Roy Hanfling BLCE1032, Suzanne Gallagher  BLCE0013

Please let me know who I have missed or if you are willing to lend a hand.