Committee & Teams 2018-19

The BrisLETS Committee is elected at each AGM in July.

The Management Committee is entrusted with the legal requirements to keep us incorporated:

  • President: Simon Cole (BLCE4104) VACATING August 2019
  • Secretary: Jeni Lewington (BLCE1381) VACATING August 2019
  • Treasurer: John Tennock (BLCE1472 VACATING August 2019

We have several teams:

The Management Support Team is a subcommittee appointed by the Management Committtee and entrusted with oversight of the Units and CES side of our activites and guiding the other Teams:

  • Membership Secretary: Judith Shaw (BLCE0303) VACATING August 2019
  • CES Website Administrator  Simon Cole (BLCE4104)
    • CES Australian Liaison (non-voting): Paul Wildman (BLCE0140)
  • Planning and Technical Support: Andrew Gaydon  (BLCE1498)  VACATING July 2019
  • Team Representative #1 (e.g. Promotions): VACANT
  • Team Representative #2 (e.g. Trading): VACANT

Trading Team

  • Trading Facilitator: VACANT (Acting – Simon Cole (BLCE4104)
  • Local Area Contacts: North – Bianca Baptista (BLCE1056), South – Amanda Kelly (BLCE1306), Jessie Scott (BLCE1422) & Jeni Lewington (BLCE1381), East – (Acting) Andrew Gaydon (BLCE1498), West – Judith Shaw (BLCE0303)
  • Drop Off Point Hosts: Hugh Dickson (BLCE1369), Storm Furness (BLCE0955), Alison Bryant (BLCE1031), Sylvia Blayse (BLCE0981), Simon Cole – Coopers Plains (BLCE4104), Amanda Farrelly (BLCE0048)
  • Mediators: Qld Dispute Resolution Centre
  • Librarian: Rosemarie Severin (BLCE1352)

Events Team

  • Events Coodinator(s):
    • Events Onsite: Isabelle Derouet (BLCE1335) VACATING August 2019
    • Events Online: Andrew Gaydon (BLCE1498) VACATING July 2019
  • Events Update email Publisher: Andrew Gaydon (BLCE1498) VACATING July 2019
    • Events Update email copy editor: Jacob Saini (BLCE1078)
  • Special Events Organiser: Robert Vidovic (BLCE1434)

Promotion Team

  • Coordinator: Robert Vidovic (BLCE1434)
  • BrisLETS Website Administrator: Andrew Gaydon (BLCE1498)
    • Website Editors: Simon Cole
  • NewLETS Editor: Josephine Brown (BLCE1073)
    • Mailchimp email Publisher: Andrew Gaydon (BLCE1498) VACATING July 2019
    • NewsLETS copy editor: Jacob Saini (BLCE1078)
  • Social Media Moderators: Ishka McNulty (BLCE0967)
  • Graphic Artist & Marketing VACANT (ad hoc jobs; Rachael Kelly TBCE0271)
  • Fundraising & Grants:

Members are warmly welcomed to fill vacancies. Please go to the Volunteer Opportunities page to see descriptions of all jobs. Teams work on Slack.

Any inquiries about committee work, etc., please contact us.
Minutes are published on our CES homepage – log in above.

To see the latest Stipend Payments to members listed on this page, please click here.

To see how this organisational structure was created, see the Restructuring Proposal page.