The Management Committee:

  • President:  Suzanne Gallagher  BLCE0013
  • Treasurer: Kelly Watts BLCE0041
  • Committee member: Andrew Gaydon BLCE1498
  • Committee member: Roy Hanfling BLCE1032

Management Support Team

  • CES Website Administrator Roy Hanfling BLCE1032
  • CES Australian Liaison: Roy Hanfling BLCE1032
  • BrisLETS Website Administrator: Roy Hanfling BLCE1032
  • Newsletter:  Kelly Watts BLCE0041
  • Membership Secretary: Roy Hanfling BLCE1032
  • Secretary (appointed): Kelly Watts BLCE0041
  • Social Media Moderators: Ishka McNulty (BLCE0967), Kelly Watts BLCE0041, Roy Hanfling BLCE1032, Suzanne Gallagher  BLCE0013

Please let me know who I have missed or if you are willing to lend a hand.
This year we are working out how we can pay people in units from the ADMIN account for doing tasks that support BrisLETS
We are not quite sure how to do this, fairly and transparently, yet but we are all thinking about it
What do you think?