Committee 2017-18

BrisLETS is run by a committee which is elected at each AGM in July/August.

The 2017-2018 management committee are:

  • President: Simon Cole (BLCE4104)
  • Vice President: Karel Boele (BLCE0986)
  • Secretary: Jen Acevedo (BLCE1308)
  • Treasurer: John Tennock (BLCE1472)
  • Membership Secretary: Helen Shaw (BLCE0303)
  • BrisLETS Website Administrator: Jeni Lewington (BLCE1381)

Non-executive positions:

  • Events Coordinator: vacant
  • Events Coordinator Assistant Isabelle Derouet (BLCE1335)
  • Promotions Coordinator: Alison Bird (TBCE0002)
  • Social Media Moderator: Anita Diamond Lawrence (BLCE0978)
  • Newsletter Editor: Anne Tennock (BLCE1006)
  • Trading Facilitator: vacant
  • Drop Off Point Hosts: Hugh Dickson (BLCE1369), Storm Furness (BLCE0955), Alison Bryant (BLCE1031), Sylvia Blayse (BLCE0981), Simon Cole – Coopers Plains (BLCE4104), Amanda Farrelly (BLCE0048), Jessica Macdonald – Morayfield (BLCE018)
  • Local Area Coordinators: South – Simon Cole (BLCE4104), Logan – Jessie (BLCE1422)
  • CES Website Administrator: Alison Bird (TBCE0002)
  • CES Australian Support Team Liaison: Alison Bird (TBCE0002)
  • Mediators: Michelle Maloney (BLCE0755)



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