Host your own Local Hub Event

Why not hold your own gathering of traders in your neighborhood?

Here are some helpful tips to guide you in bringing your local BrisLETS members together for whatever reason you may envisage: social, educational, commercial (in Units, of course!) or promotional.

Local Hub Tips Local Hub Tips

Tips on holding a local Hub meet

Local Hubs generally meet on the 1st Sunday of the month, so they don’t conflict with the central Trading Day at Albion Peace Hall on the 3rd Sunday, but it’s up to you and your neighbours.

  • Find a location/venue.
  • Use the Member’s Map on CES BrisLETS homepage to find people near you.
  • Spread the word;
    mail the details to the Events Update email Publisher and also get them on the BrisLETS Website by asking the Publisher or Website Administrator (see Contact page on
  • get an event posted on our Facebook Group BrisLETS Members Forum
  • Use the Members Map on the homepage of the CES website (after you log in) to find nearby members and contact them personally before the event.
  • You can start a texting tree with something like this:
    Hi. Sunday 8th BrisLETS SE Hub Hob Nob at noon Beryl Roberts Park, Barham St, Coopers Plains  Shared lunch, bbq. Bring ball/board games… this is more social, but if you have things to trade, or a list, bring them, too… let’s have some fun. Please forward to another member nearest you (check the BrisLETS member map on the CES homepage). RSVP to me or whoever you know is going. Sent to ….
  • Set up the location early. Some parks, for example, have noticeboards. Good things to have on hand are: colour flyers, which can be downloaded and printed from Resources on the website or collected from the Peace Hall cupboard, an Internet connected device – smart phone, tables or laptop. For more help, ask the Promotions Coordinator and or the Events Team (see the Committee page on the website and use their BLCE#### to get their contact details.