LETS in Action

Hugh’s LETS photo-journal

The idea of this journal is to show LETS in action, and how it works in practice. The journal shows how LETS really helps people and lets them help other people. Isn’t that what life is really supposed to be about?

20th February – West End
I’d bought a few shirts from Mary-Ellen at the Christmas trading day – great shirts too for 5 Units each. Mary-Ellen mentioned she also had a safari suit for sale and was I interested? I wasn’t initially, but when she came over and showed me I loved it, and she only wanted 30 Units for it. Awesome!

Hugh in his safari suit

4th March – Kenmore
I got a call yesterday from Elizabeth in Kenmore. She’s just moved into a new house. Could I come out tomorrow and help move furniture and do some general handyman work? Sure! Colin was there too and we put together some puzzling patio swings, cleaned out her garage so her car could fit in, and packed the shed with stuff. Three and a half hours work for 70 Units each.

Colin and I moving stuff down to the back shed

4th March – Wilston
Later that day I drove over to Danielle’s house to help her deliver bags of manure from the garden centre to her house. While I was there I bought a carseat she doesn’t need anymore for 50 Units.

Josie and Lizzie sharing the carseat …

while I lump bags of manure around …

5th March – West End
Suzanne is getting one of our LETS members, Roger, to help her make her website for her sculpting business, but she didn’t know how to upload photos from her camera to the internet. I was happy to help her (for a small amount of Units!)

Helping Suzanne to upload photos

10th March – Logan TAFE
I had a drumming workshop to do today, for the students at Logan TAFE. I hadn’t budgeted for an assistant but Suzanne was happy to come and help me and I paid her 100 Units for 4 hours work.

10th March – Wilston
The staff party is on tonight at the RSL where I work, driving the courtesy bus. It’s going to be a food and drink free for all, which is great except I have Lizzie staying with me tonight … The solution is to ask Danielle if she minds babysitting Lizzie all night. I could never afford to pay a babysitter $$ to do that, but with LETS it’s no problem. It’s just Units Schmoonits!! Thanks Danielle, and thanks BrisLETS!

11 March – City
Danielle asked me if I could drop some X-rays into town for her, so I rode in with Lizzie and charged Danielle 10 Units

11 March – Gold Coast
Des needed someone to drive him down to Benowa to pick up an organ from some friends who were moving house and wanted to get rid of the big old thing. Four hours x 35 Units per hour plus petrol. (I hope Des didn’t hurt his back too bad lifting the thing!)

19th March – West End
A simple delivery job worth 20 Units – dropping off a friend’s bike to get repaired at Bicycle Revolution in West End (and delivering the reconditioned bike next week).

5th May – Mt Gravatt
This was a big job for Des and Sue, replacing their old patio ceiling with new villaboard sheeting. It took three days over a couple of months but everyone was happy with the result. I ended up charging 250 Units.