If you find yourself having difficulties with another member, it is your responsibility to try to resolve it before seeking assistance. It is always best for the parties to try to come to a compromise themselves.

The Mediator has a minor role in assisting traders to utilise the services of a Queensland Dispute Resolution Centre on request by a trader of a Committee or Team member when a complaint/dispute arises. The Mediator is prepared to accompany the traders to the DRC if necessary to explain what BrisLETS is about to the DRC Mediator.

○ A Team member may ask the Mediator to be prepared to respond to an issue, giving all relevant information of parties involved.

○ Admin tells complainants a Mediator is available and may give contact details.

The Office of Fair Trade recommends procedures for dispute resolution internally. When our organisation is sufficiently staffed, we aim to meet those guidelines.


Internal Complaints System

As of 30th of June 2022 (Last Year) every Incorporated Association in Queensland is required under Queensland Law to have an internal complaints system.

We don’t
We need to follow the model rules

The Model Rules say:

1) To start a grievance procedure we must advise the other party in writing. You have to be a member or an ex-member.
2) Then we then have 15 business days to resolve the formal grievance – it’s not long.

3) If there is no resolution or the other party refuses to participate we have 10 days to advise the secretary in writing that we have been unable to resolve the the dispute and that we need to proceed to mediation

A mediator must be
chosen by agreement and be fair and impartial, a mediator might be appointed by the Queensland Government Dispute Resolution

If there is still no resolution then the OFT suggests we take it to the Supreme Court.

Breaches of the constitution
I (roy) am not a lawyer here, but I think that when a dispute includes a breach of the organisations constitution or the legislation then the OFT now has inspectors, and
the right to issue fines to committee members of up to 60 penalty point (about $8500)