Donate AU$ to BrisLETS to cover running costs

Both our National and Local Exchange Systems still need some AU$ Dollar resources to keep them running. Donating to BLCE is a great way to invest in your Community Exchange.

You can donate Dollars through our Joining page for our bank account details. Mention the purpose in additional comments.

Bequeath AU$ to BrisLETS

Will your estate to support your community. Use the Contact Page to enquire about how to do so.

By leaving your assets to BrisLETS, you make a substantial impact on the conversion of value from the dollar economy to the economy of fairness and mutual credit.

Traders donate Units

You can donate Units to the Community Chest (BLCE1111) to help other Traders who need our help.

You can also donate to the Administrator’s account (BLCE0000) to help the people behind the scenes who keep the the BrisLETS CES trading platform functioning. Your donation will go towards the maintenance and development of this exchange.