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BrisLETS Vision Statement

The BrisLETS Community Exchange Incorporated Association  facilitates increasing members’ quality of life and material circumstances, through trading their life experience, goods, and services, to meet other members’ needs.

We aim to create a safe, inclusive, and diverse community of individuals, businesses, and groups, using the Australian Community Exchange Server, and units, as an alternative currency to dollars.


  • Everyone of all abilities, in all seasons of life, can contribute to society, using LETS.
  • Community is more important than commerce.
  • BrisLETS builds community by fostering shared values and processes.
  • LETS units enable people to trade goods and services for mutual benefit, without the artificial constraints of national currencies.
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Our new Facebook page is called Brislets Community Exchange Inc.

The private group is Brislets Members Forum Brislets Members Forum where members can raise and discuss issues in private.

The public group is BrisLETS Trading – Offers & Wants

Our Next Event

Virtual June Trading Day will be 21st June 1pm.

Kelly, our treasurer will host a virtual trading day online. Details will be in the newsletter and on the BrisLETS FaceBook Page and Group pages. Since the social aspect is such a big part of LETS, this will allow members to connect with each other.

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Update on

Our Website admin, Holger, has updated the website and we are changing up to a bigger hosting site. This means we will have more space for blogs or anything else that members would like to see, to make the website more user friendly and easily navigated. We are also...

How can we create abundant trading days?

Trading days allow members to put names to faces, and especially if you are looking for someone to house sit or baby/pet sit, you get to see potential trading members in a safe interactive setting. We have an amazing diversity of interests within our members - stalls...

 Membership will be free for May, June and July

Members joining up then will be the same as if they paid membership – nothing changes. It’s like when we do the sponsored memberships.

 By current members making the effort of buddy up with new members and helping them trade, new members will be able to keep their balances close to zero. The goal is the energy of trading, not accumulating units.

There is a buzz in the air and a sense of excitement, so lets all do our part to make it a very productive time in our history! Thank you.



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