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There are trade events every month across Brisbane, is there one near you? Check out our calendar to find a trading event in your area.


Northey St City Farm Market Info Stall @ Northey Street City Farm Sunday Markets
Jun 2 @ 7:00 am – 12:00 pm
Northey St City Farm Market Info Stall @ Northey Street City Farm Sunday Markets

BrisLETS’ inaugural Sunday Market Information Stall at Northey Street City Farm kicks off at 7am on June the 2nd!

Why not drop in and join the roster for an hour, do some shopping, get a chai and talk to people about our great organisation and the virtues of mutual credit!?

Rob Vidovic, Simon Cole and other local members will be there under our marquee hired from Andrew Gaydon.

NSCF has given us a great opportunity with a special deal because we’re a not-for-profit; a negligible charge for the space IN UNITS. This will change when it becomes a regular, weekly stall. How about making that come true!? NSCF Sunday Market customers are low-hanging fruit for LET/CES – there are lots of people there who understand it and just want to see it work for them well.  With more member-volunteers pitching in a little of your time, rotating set up and pack up each week, we can achieve an on-going presence there. We have a custom marquee-cover, flags, flyers and other marketing material in the pipeline. We may have WiFi there for Internet connection included. It rarely comes better than this for a LETS group.

People with some computer and smartphone skills will be a great help; showing customers how to use the software and joining them up online on the day. If you need training, think about joining a session learning the basics with Simon in the first week of every month at a convenient location – check this website calendar for the latest details. The next one is June 4th on Tuesday. RSVP on the page.

Willing to muck in with us? Comment below. Rob with organise the roster here. (First time to comment on this website? Can’t see your comment? That’s because it needs to be approved. Be patient – come back soon! And thank you!)

BrisLETS & CES – Learn the basics @ State Library of Qld L3 Meeting Rm 3C
Jun 4 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Are you at a loss using our websites
and understanding how to trade with Units?

Get some free tuition, in person, from your CES Website Administrator, Simon Cole.

  • What is the difference between and
  • Did you know you can use your smartphone to do a transaction in less than 30 seconds?
  • When should you do mixed offerings ($s & Us)? How much should the $s be?
  • How do you decide to gift instead of trade?
  • Bring your own issues and get them answered!
  • Did you know you can see what new volunteer opportunities there are on the website? And a full job description?
  • Did you know you can earn Units ‘volunteering’ – and do you know HOW they are rewarded?
  • Who is working to keep BrisLETS going? What are the Admins, Committees and Teams? Did you know we’re all listed on the Committee page of the website, under About?

YOU MUST RSVP BY COMMENTING ON THIS PAGE TO ATTEND. Location is flexible (home visits are possible, too) and will be updated when there are 2 or more RSVPs. Time is tentative and flexible to some extent as well. Bring your smart phone, tablet or laptop if you own them.

Location: L1 Reception, State Library Queensland, Cultural Precinct, Stanley Pl, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Every month you will see a How to use BrisLETS & CES training session on somewhere in the city-wide area.

Think Tank & Learning Circle @ Meeting Rm 2B - State Library of Queensland
Jun 8 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Think Tank & Learning Circle

BrisLETS’ think-tank for mutual credit aficionados – currently including Paul Wildman, Bianca Baptista, Simon Cole, Ishka McNulty and others will meet again and choose from the following topics to discuss:

  • origins of LETS & CES; poverty alleviation and ambitions to do money better
  • is there an infinite supply of Units, or must they balance out? (we started discussing this in February)
  • how is mutual credit different to cryptos and fiat debt-based money?
  • managing a CES/LETS exchange (learning from other exchange organisers)
  • how is mutual credit valued and how do we make it valuable?
  • NENA (New Economy Network Australia) membership for BrisLETS – pros & cons

RSPV by commenting below or texting me (Simon). If fewer than 3 RSVPs are received, the event will be cancelled.

Location: Meeting Rm 2C – State Library of Queensland

Please read more about the Think Tank before joining a meeting. A full explanation and suggestions for basic research are here under our About menu.

The Think Tank meets bi-monthly. It has no power in any CES or LETS exchange and is informal so there is no record-keeping in this group. It compliments the CES Australia Administration group (Annette Loudon, Bel Moore and Tania Brookes) which takes care of Australia’s national web hosting and international relations with overseas exchanges (Tim Jenkins and Matthew Slater).

Shared Lunch & Talks – June 2019 @ Albion Peace Hall
Jun 16 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Lunch @ 12pm – Where: Conference room

Bring something to share and join us for lunch.

It is a great chance to chat and get to know other members in the exchange.

BrisLETS is more than just trading, it is about building community.

Visitors are welcome to attend.

COST:  $2 entrance for hall hire


Talk @ 1pm – Management Q & A  – Where: Lounge room

Gearing up to Promote BrisLETS: T&Cs, Member Rewards & Constitution Discussion Forum
Hear what Simon and Andrew are doing and give your views. Improvements in mind include:
• membership definition/requirement
• levies to support admin
• and more [Read more here] before you come



Community Market Trading Day – June 2019 @ Albion Peace Hall
Jun 16 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Join the community Market and Services day

TRADING @ 2pm – 4pm Where: Main Hall

Workshop @ 3:00pm – Accommodation with Anne Tennock. Where: Lounge room


Don’t forget if you can offer a Service at our Trading Days, let us know if you are coming and we can give you some free advertising in the events update email.  Please contact the events team at least 7 days before the date of the market.

If you have any goods that you would like to advertise in the events update email.
Please contact the events team at least 7 days before the date of the market.

HINT: Smart traders browse our lists of offers & wants in advance and arrange to meet the trader at the meeting to hand over the goods.

What to bring to this trading event:
Trading record sheet and pen or data-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop to put through transactions immediately
Goods to trade
Promotional material of services you are offering
$20 joining fee if you don’t yet have a BrisLETS account, CLICK HERE to download a membership form.

BrisLETS is all about trading: buying and selling goods and services for LETS units rather than spending the Aussie Dollar.
More information:  or check out our facebook page.

BrisLETS at NSCF Winter Solstice Festival @ Northey Street City Farm
Jun 22 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

BrisLETS information stall at the Winter Festival


Come along and enjoy Northey Street City Farm‘s biggest and best annual event. There will be lots of activities and like-minded people there.

Get tickets directly from NSCF (see link to eventbrite) OR VOLUNTEER AND BUY TICKETS IN UNITS!  NSCG will pay you enough to buy a ticket for one hour of your time helping them set the festival up. Please enquire with the organiser (Robert Vidovic) or the Chair (Simon Cole) -TBC.

BrisLETS will have an information stall and needs YOU to be on the roster for an hour. Please contact Rob Vidovic, the organiser for this event and make a time to be there. People will some Internet skills to help new members join online are especially welcome.


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General Meeting

At the General Meeting on Sunday, 17 March, members adopted the following amendments to the constitution by special resolution: 1.2 Constitution name:  BrisLETS Community Exchange Objects To promote and support … the knowledge and culture of the association, and the...

Is it time for a Member Rewards Program

MEMBER REWARDS PROGRAM Somebody needs to do the organising for the organisation. ―Josephine Brown BrisLETS has a lot more potential than is currently obvious. The organisation needs to move forward to realise this potential; then it would thrive, rather than just...

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