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BrisLETS Vision Statement

The BrisLETS Community Exchange Incorporated Association  facilitates increasing members’ quality of life and material circumstances, through trading their life experience, goods, and services, to meet other members’ needs.

We aim to create a safe, inclusive, and diverse community of individuals, businesses, and groups, using the Australian Community Exchange Server, and units, as an alternative currency to dollars.


  • Everyone of all abilities, in all seasons of life, can contribute to society, using LETS.
  • Community is more important than commerce.
  • BrisLETS builds community by fostering shared values and processes.
  • LETS units enable people to trade goods and services for mutual benefit, without the artificial constraints of national currencies.

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The private group is Brislets Members Forum Brislets Members Forum where members can raise and discuss issues in private.

The public group is BrisLETS Trading – Offers & Wants

Our Next Event

April Trading Day at Nundah Library on Sunday 21st 1-4pm

1 Bage Street (via Primrose Lane), Nundah, QLD, 4012 Looking forward to having the Trading day at the Nundah Library as not been there before. For those going by train and need a lift, please email or contact BLCE1422.

This is how BrisLETS works!

You become a member by clicking on the click here button above. This takes you to the terms and conditions, and payment options.

This then takes you to the CES (Community Exchange Service Australia Platform), where you enter your personal details and apply for membership with at least one offer, which could be an extra pair of hands. Once the payment has been received Management Committee receive the request, they vote on your approval, which the membership secretary approves and you receive a membership number, password and welcome letter. We try to engage and buddy you up with other members to help you add your offers and wants, use the CES etc, and get to meet you at the Trading Days


News – Featured Articles

March Trading Day

A productive trading day with a long time member who hasn't been there for a while showing us how it is done! The youngest person there certainly was extremely pleased with the trades!

February Trading Day

Michael and Isabelle put on a bamboo shoot cooking workshop that was enthusiastically received. Making it appear really simple, Michael demonstrated the characteristics of different types of bamboo shoots for different dishes. Members present got to sample the tasty...

December Xmas Trading Day

Michael and Isabelle again hosted a lovely time at their house. We really enjoyed catching up with those we hadn't seen for a while, sharing a pot luck and social singing to music played by Byron on and Luis (from Peru). An unusual trade was enthusiastically snapped...