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Our Next Event

November Trading Day 2020

One of our new members Mirella, is hosting the November Trading Day at her place at Logan Reserve, from 1-4pm. This will be a great Christmas Shopping opportunity, as Mirella has a variety of items available including furniture for sale. We have quite a few new...

2015 National LETS Conference

The 2015 National LETS Conference will be held at the Quinola Lakes Conference & Camping Centre near Malanda on May 15-17. Where is Malanda?  It is on the Atherton Tablelands, west of Cairns, Far North Queensland.

News – Featured Articles

How can we create abundant trading days?

Trading days allow members to put names to faces, and especially if you are looking for someone to house sit or baby/pet sit, you get to see potential trading members in a safe interactive setting. We have an amazing diversity of interests within our members - stalls...

Improving BrisLETS’ Appeal

    Brisbane Exchange Community? Brisbane Local Community Exchange? When you’re at a barbecue and you tell your friends you belong to BrisLETS, what do they say? “Bris WHAT?” It’s been observed that our name “BrisLETS” is not easily understood by the lay...

The Edge & Brisbane Tool Library

Yesterday I popped in to The Edge to see the Brisbane Tool Library's new home.   Sabrina Chakori, Founder and organiser at reception.   The Edge is part of the State Library of Queensland and...

Sharing, caring and fun!

Everyone is sharing — from food to bikes to tools. You can even share your pets! It saves you money; it cuts down on clutter; it creates community. So, what is real sharing? It’s not driven by profit. It’s about sharing resources, skills, knowledge and decision-making...

Covid 19 is changing our normal

– LETS has been the game changer for many struggling to meet basic needs

 Many local support groups are popping up as families affected for the long term, struggle to meet “pre-covid” normality without the income!

BrisLETS has 31 years of experience of caring and sharing to support members to bring into their lives what they can’t afford, so they can save their cash for the essentials! The online platform makes it very easy!

Being unemployed assumes you are powerless with no hope. BrisLETS allows you to become usefull and gives you hope. Many finding LETS, are able to branch out into areas that gave them joy but didn’t have the resources to develop it – they find the energy to develop new ventures that can take them back to paid employment, because their immediate pressures are being taken care of.

If you are feeling unsure and exhausted just thinking about making yet another decision or more paperwork, email the, and they can help you with a caring ear.



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