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Our Next Event

Marg is hosting our March Trading Day!

Long time member BLCE0897 Marg is looking forward to having some energetic trading on the 3rd Sunday 20th of March from 1-4pm at her highset house at Yeronga. Daughter Amanda will be helping Marg to find new homes for lots of items. Come along with your trading items,...

Marg from Yeronga will be hosting our March Trading Day

BLCE0897 Marg is looking forward to finding new homes for lots of items now her circumstances have changed. Details will be in the notice going out to members with the offers and wants, and in the Facebook Members Forum Private Group or contact the secretary. A long...

News – Featured Articles

2021 AGM and August Trading Day

Please welcome new President Jeni Lewington to the management committee, along with Secretary Jessie Scott and Treasurer Kelly Watts. There was some brisk trading on the day then the AGM saw members present in the Albion Peace Hall, and on Zoom and phone. We also...

Small but lovely July Trading Day

The Holland Park Library is such a versatile venue, being next to playgrounds, lovely veranda with the tables and chairs on it, and equipment in the room. Many members had conflicting events this month, so with 5 people there we still have a great diversity of...

Lots of happy customers in June

Members had a stall at the Northey Street Winter Solstice on the Saturday before, which was very enjoyable and had great conversations. The next day they had a great turn out with very satisfying trading happening. An interstate visitor, a hoola hoop, a great variety...

Our hearts go out to all who have lost loved ones, homes and                businesses during these floods and experiencing PSTD from the previous floods.

LETS has the ability for you to use your time, energy, skills and knowledge to earn units like you would cash, and spend your units like you would cash, to meet your needs, without cash! You keep track on the CES server.

By connecting with a caring community to meet every day needs even ones considered luxury, that allows you to contribute in a way you can, by helping others,  increases your overall health and sense of belonging.

Trading is the energy driving LETS – not the hoarding of units, so that is why going into debt when you join is equally encouraged because quite often when you join, what you badly need is blocking your ability to focus on anything else. There is always opportunities to earn units in LETS – it might be online services, hands on services, goods that no longer serve you, participating in working bees, a lift to appointments or dropping something off for someone.

So be brave and advertise your offer and wants, as it allows others to get to know you, help you with your need and become part of a supportive community!

You can start with a simple “extra pair of hands” offer and pay the once off joining fee, then start trading as soon as you receive your welcome letter email with your account number and password. Joining the Facebook Members Forum private group will allow you to talk out issues when you feel stuck for ideas, get support from the management committee etc. There is a public offers and wants Facebook group and FB page too. We are always looking for help with promotions etc – find us on Our Community Directory and




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