Thankyou for choosing our community.

There are a few things that you need to do in order to join.


BrisLETS charges a joining fee to cover the costs associated with Incorporation and publicity.
The Treasurer prefers that this is paid by Electronic Transfer to Bank Australia.

Pricing Structure & P
ayment Options:

  • Electronic Transfer $20 to BrisLETS at Bank Australia, BSB 313-140, A/C 12138801, with your name included on the transaction.
  • Cash/cheque/money order $20 payable to BrisLETS, with your name on the back of the cheque.

For this you will receive access to the online database to advertise your offerings and wants so you can start trading plus 12 online newsletters and event update emails per year.


To join online (through the CES website), click HERE. Be ready with details of an OFFER you can advertise. You can also come along to one of our trading days and fill out an application form and put it, with your payment of $20, into the donation jar. (Note this process is slower and takes volunteers more time.)

  • Click to accept the terms and conditions, then a member application form will appear.
  • Fill in your details, click submit and an email comes to our Membership Secretary.
    Once your application is approved.
  • We will send you a Welcome email with your BLCE#### account number and password.
  • You can then log in and access the lists of offers and wants and start trading.

If you would like to find out more,  contact the Trading Facilitator or come to a Trading/Market Day.

What can you offer?   [click here for a guideline]

In the meantime, think of some of the things you can offer the BrisLETS network.
Are you willing to be involved in working bees to earn Units?
Can you teach a skill?
How about general labouring, gardening, or home maintenance?
Can you help with computers?
Have you got a car?
Can you give people without one a lift to the shops and back?
Can you help run BrisLETS as a team or committee member?
All these are potential ways you can earn Units. Also have a think about what services or goods you want from the BrisLETS network.

What do you need?

You can advertise for what you WANT on the CES system too. Go for it!

Thank you for joining our community.