July’s BrisLETS AGM elected a new committee and approved Stage 1 of a Restructuring Proposal to make things fairer for volunteers. Log into your CES account to get a copy of the minutes.


President: Simon Cole

Secretary: Jeni Lewington

Treasurer: John Tennock


In keeping with the restructuring proposal, this new, smaller committee is entrusted with keeping BrisLETS incorporated.


Stage 1 was approved, heralding a units-budgeting system to reward members who give their time to run the organisation.

This was initiated by the 2017 AGM at Turnstyle, and results from consultations via survey, social media, in-person presentations and a time-consuming developmental process.

A broader spread of responsibilities that suit members’ interests has been generally supported.

Management committee positions are usually not the first jobs to be snapped up, so by keeping them simple — almost ceremonial — and limited to the most essential legal requirements of incorporation, we’re more likely to find replacements at least every two years.


Meanwhile, to make the exchange function well for those interested in trading, teams have been created that are more easily adapted to members’ passions. See the Committee page of our website.

We have a new BrisLETS Website Administrator – Megan Simson – to overview our new, much improved website, thanks to the ozCES Website Blitz Team, mainly Annette Loudon and Jean Werk. Admin paid over 1,000 units for their long, hard hours on this project.

It is now the go-to place for all events, news and information about what’s happening in Brisbane LETS. Make good use of it and visit it regularly with your enquiries.


The Member Survey is still taking feedback; if you haven’t taken it yet, it’s not too late. We’ll be encouraging members to hop onto it during the Member Activation Drive.


The Member Activation Drive will kick off soon. Accounts can drift into disuse, so this drive will be a good process to repeat every year.

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