The General Meeting on 17th of March was a good learning experience. Successful amendments were noted in the April NewsLETS, along with some that weren’t. Since then, Elizabeth Shaw has offered some sage advice based on her experience on the subcommittee that last looked at updating the constitution many years ago. We on the MC learnt that there was a real need to workshop suggested changes with interested members in advance, so that they can come to the next round well versed in the ins and outs, as well as feel more vested in them. Why another round? Some of the rejected amendments were misunderstood and others have since been proposed that, in the MC’s opinion are of such merit and importance that they warrant consideration. For example, a definition of membership for voting purposes – pointed out by Liz Stanhope. We hope you can take an hour out of your valuable trading time at the May and June Market Trading Days for a presentation and Q&A of MC’s proposals. Please take a look at them on this page and come ready with your thoughts and questions. We welcome your involvement.

The latest proposed changes can be downloaded as a pdf here Constitution Amendments 2.2 2019

The Constitution as amended by the March 17 General Meeting can be downloaded as a pdf here Brislets – Constitution vMarch 2019 – Note the Constitution on the BrisLETS Constitution page under About Us does not show these amendments as they have not been registered with the Office of Fair Trade at the time of posting. The March 17 changes included changing the name of the association to BrisLETS Community Exchange and one Rule change. The OFT charges about $70 to change the name and about $20 to change the Rules. We do not intend to register the March 17 rule change because the review of rules is still in progress. To save money, we will register all changes to the Rules at once after they have been completed and approved at this year’s July AGM.

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