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For some time now NENA has been developing and now is forming a non-distributing (whatever that is) Cooperative (Limited), registered in Victoria. What, if any, synchronicity is there between NENA and LETS/CES?
Their draft Constitution Rule 1.3 Purpose and Mission states, (paraphrased – please see their governance documents here)

  1. The purpose of the co-operative Is to facilitate the emergence of a positive vision for diverse economic systems in Australia that will advance the social welfare of all Australians and, in so doing, support the creation a New Economy underpinned by: a. Ecological Sustainability b. Social Justice c. Democratic and Distributed Governance d. Placebased/local economies e. Recognition of, respect for and solidarity with First Nations Peoples

Rule 1.4 Primary Activities states, (paraphrased) – to facilitate relationships, research, innovative enterprise & education, build a community of practice, host events and support advocacy of issues through deliberative democracy processes that are relevant to building an alternative economy in Australia as described in 1.3.

Rule 1.5 Active Membership Requirements states, (paraphrased) an annual subscription and participation in one of the co-operative’s geographic or sectoral hubs or 8 hours per year of volunteering to support one of the co-op’s primary activities… For Organisation Members, the active membership requirements must be performed by one or more of its authorised representatives.

I invite actively interested members to run their eyes over this and record their thoughts here as feedback to the Management Committee and Management Support Team. In due course, with the support of the membership, BrisLETS could join as an Organisation.

Personally, I see nothing in NENA that goes against the spirit of LETS/CES, in fact I think we appear to be birds of a feather. Our mutual credit system could provide the platform for trade that the alternative economic vision NENA seeks and of course the connection may expand the number of people participating in LETS/CES.

However, I have yet to consider NENA’s Draft Operational Handbook and Discussion Paper for Strategy Development (see governance link above).


Simon, President and Management Support Team members as Trading Facilitator

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