Upcoming Events

Our main Market Event Day is at the Albion Peace Hall, 102 Macdonald Street Windsor

Shared Lunch & Talks – September 2019 @ TBA
Sep 15 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Lunch @ 12pm – Where: TBA

Bring something to share and join us for lunch.

It is a great chance to chat and get to know other members in the exchange.

BrisLETS is more than just trading, it is about building community.

Visitors are welcome to attend.

COST:  U2 for a raffle ticket. Buy more than one and increase your chances! First prize – TBA.

Talk: Admin Q&A @ 1pm – Where: Lounge room

Discussion Forum: Changes to BrisLETS Constituiton and T&Cs. Member Rewards.

Continuing from previous Q&As, there’ll be recap of where they led us.
– Reviewing our Vision (Section 3 Objects in the Constitution)
– Making Units more valuable
– Market Trading Day venues
– Refining the budget to raise levies to support admin as voted on at 2017 & 2018 AGMs

Read the stories at the top of the Homepage on Constitution Amendments and T&Cs Updates.

Alternative topics:

Make your own BrisLETS T-shirt
Bring a plain white, green or blue t-shirt and Simon will show you how to print and iron on a stencil.

BrisLETS & CES – Learn the Basics
Get some free tuition, in person, from your CES Website Administrator

  • When should you do mixed offerings ($s & Us)? How much should the $s be?
  • How do you decide to gift instead of trade?
  • Bring your own issues and get them answered!
  • Did you know you can see what new volunteer opportunities there are on the website? And a full job description?
  • Did you know you can earn Units ‘volunteering’ – and do you know HOW they are rewarded?
  • Who is working to keep BrisLETS going? What are the Admins, Committees and Teams? Did you know we’re all listed on the Committee page of the website, under About?

Community Market Trading Day – September 2019 @ TBA
Sep 15 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Join the community Market and Services day

TRADING @ 2pm – 4pm Where: TBA


Don’t forget if you can offer a Service at our Trading Days, let us know if you are coming and we can give you some free advertising in the events update email.  Please contact the events team at least 7 days before the date of the market. If you have any goods that you would like to advertise in the events update email.

Workshop @ 3pm – Skills Sharing Lab

Join a circle of Traders talking about their Offers and Wants – share your skills and what goods you may have or need.

COST:  2 Units for a raffle ticket (if you didn’t buy one at the Shared Lunch). Buy more than one and increase your chances! First prize – tba

HINT: Smart traders browse our lists of offers & wants in advance and arrange to meet the trader at the meeting to hand over the goods.

What to bring to this trading event:
Trading record sheet and pen or data-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop to put through transactions immediately
Goods to trade
Promotional material of services you are offering
$20 joining fee if you don’t yet have a BrisLETS account, CLICK HERE to download a membership form.

BrisLETS is all about trading: buying and selling goods and services for LETS units rather than spending the Aussie Dollar.
More information: www.brislets.com  or check out our facebook page.