Please come join us on the 3rd Sunday of the month, 17th March 1-4pm at the Albion Peace Hall, 102 MacDonald Road, Albion, under the overpass.

Bring things to trade – talk to other members on the Facebook groups (Members Forum and the public BrisLETS Offers and Wants) and find out what they are doing that you might be able to create trades with. If they are renovating their vegetable patch, you might have seedlings they might like, or they might just need another pair of hands to do what they are doing.

What are you putting off starting that you might find easy by talking it over with someone? Maybe it’s making a plan of what resources you need, schedule in time in the calendar, maybe it’s asking for help through a working bee? A ute to take stuff to the tip? Or another pair of hands to help load and unload soil etc from the shop to the garden. Or someone to hold bits and pieces while you do the work?

Or maybe you want to create something and you need someone who has done it before to help you walk through the process the first time? Ask on the FB group, add wants or offers so it goes out this 2nd Sunday of the month.

See you there on Sunday!