By Jessie Scott

Our monthly Trading Day started with Step 1 of the Visioning process, lead by Lillian Geddes.

Chris from Russell Island, made a special effort to be there, to support the establishment of a Bay Island sub area.

We shared delicious food and learnt more about each other, sharing why we joined BrisLETS, then started the process of identifying our involvement –

  • Tangible items – “Things”, services eg. Specific purpose – building something, health, food.
  • Function – “Do words” – like helping people, organising, meeting like minded people
  • Social – “Feel words” – quality of life, season of life, self worth, clarity with decluttering etc.

Adding up to 100%, we thought about how the mix of tangible “Things”, “Do” functions or social  “feeling”   was important to us. A few thought 20% Things, 40% Doing and 40% Feeling.

In Step 2 of the Vision Process, now we have become more aware of what gives us meaning in BrisLETS, and watched the YouTube “How to write a vision statement”,, we will pull it all together.

This Vision will guide constitution changes of the Incorporated BrisLETS Community Exchange, the Terms and Conditions of the BLCE CES, and the roles of the management support team.

This was followed by trading from 2-4pm. The spirit of caring, being open to the opportunity to learn and being willing to give a hand lives on – thanks everyone!