This particular Trading Day had a friendly, cosy ambience that made everyone relax.

Back in August, we arranged our chairs in a circle in the main part of the hall. Alison Bird suggested we first introduce ourselves and our product/service, and then share our prepared “How embarrassing” stories. Unfortunately, the echoey acoustics of the hall made hearing difficult for everyone, and impossible for some.

So for the September Trading Day, I borrowed an amplifier and mic. As it turned out, we decided to do our group introduction and storytelling (theme: “What a surprise!”) in the more enclosed meeting room at the southern end of the hall, so the need for a mic wasn’t quite as urgent. However, it would be good to have this equipment for future events.

And once again, we heard some entertaining stories and in the process, got to know our fellow LETS members better.

Following the stories, Alison held a constructive workshop to help “stuck” members, the LETS Skills Lab. See the reports on this, and Elizabeth Shaw’s experience of following her advice, in separate stories.

Next Trading Day is Sunday 21 October starting at 11 a.m. with a Management Committee meeting, then a shared potluck lunch at 12 noon. If you have anything you’d like resolved or discussed, you’re welcome to attend the MC meeting.

Thanks to young Elissiya, Jenny Acevedo’s daughter, for suggesting the theme of our next storytelling session: an impressive character I’ve met.

Hope to see you at the next Trading Day. As Member Jessie Scott remarked, “By attending the trading days, we put faces to names, talk and connect. Simple things often lead to amazing outcomes”.

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