Member #0138, joined in 1991, Active 28 yrs.

Liz lived her vision of BrisLETS – contributing from her life experience, enhancing her circumstances using goods and services from LETS, recycling and repurposing, added value to all she did to enhance the value for all, creating a supportive community.

Liz was the backbone of BrisLETS – doing all roles except president, from simple time consuming paper based cheques, newsletters, to using the online CES,

The oldest of 10 children, her calmness, always being organised and prepared was appreciated by her family, but also by her LETS family – meetings were easy with Liz at the helm, keeping us on track and following the rules – not always comfortable for committees though, as Liz knew the rules and made sure committees stuck to them!

Fun loving and fair, while living at Mt Crosby, Liz organised a LETS pampering weekend and went to Viet Nam with other LETS members. Seeking out excess fruit, she made jams & chutney, and made yummy food for meetings.

Liz met another member Alex, living with him for 6 years then carried on using the LETS transaction program Alex developed, along with Michael, until BrisLETS moved to the online CES Sane system. She was involved in QLETS and OzLETS, connecting with LETS around Australia.

Liz wrote, she met alot of interesting, unusual, pecular, fascinating and wonderful fellow members. Participation in BrisLETS has been an important part of my life, and I value the frends I have made, and people I have met through this involvement!

Being limited by health, Liz still contributed until her passing, by having meetings at her house, being active on FaceBook, came to the Aug 2019 AGM by phone with Ishka, connecting with non active members over the phone, to help them trade, placing item ads, participating in the new Auction, and was supported by having a cleaning bee, hair cuts, massages etc at home, members bringing treats etc.

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