By Liz Stanhope

Brisbane LETs has many members offering a host of useful goods and services …

… only no one knows about them.

Nor do these members know what’s happening, or why.

Here’s how it works

When you list an item that you offer, you have a choice of it staying current for one week to one year.

At the end of your chosen period, your offering lapses and is no longer visible to anyone searching for what you offer.

Only long-term members will know who to contact if they need,

  • a massage in Woolloongabba
  • an electrician to visit their home
  • advice on biocharing
  • advice on establishing a small enterprise
  • guitar lessons
  • Zenthai massage.

This is just a small sample of lapsed (hidden) offerings STILL AVAILABLE from actively trading members.

How to become visible again

When you log in, you’ll see in red text a message that you have expired offerings. Update them immediately.

To help increase the trading opportunities for all members and make BrisLets a more vibrant and useful organisation, check your membership details and make sure they are up to date.

  • Got something to offer? List it in detail.
  • Are your contact details current? If not, tweak them.
  • Is there anything you want? Goods or services, make sure you list whatever it is. Someone among our many members may have it or do it.

Happy trading.

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