With BrisLETS members spreading from up the Sunshine Coast, the Bay Islands, Gold Coast, Lismore, Yarrabilba, Logan Reserve, and out to Condamine, Samford etc. , it was decided to have alternative month local Trading Days locally to facilitate more face to face trading.

The next trading day at the Peace Hall will be in October, and we will keep the cupboard there where the banners etc are stored, and are available for the trading days.

Michelle (formally from Caboolture LETS), has taken on the Events Coordinator position. She joins a number of members on the northside, keen to get trading happening, especially at the markets.

To facilitate local trading, Local Area Co-ordinators have been set up, together with the local drop off areas. Please look up and contact your local person, or consider becoming one yourself, to help getting trading and building local community to help one another.

We are looking for members with appropriate space or eg. free libraries etc in your area, to hold alternate month trading days on the Southside, Northside, Westside or Bayside. Members who might not normally travel to the Peace Hall might attend, giving members the chance to meet face to face and socialise as well as trade. Don’t forget asking for a lift from another member, can also be a way for them to trade.

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