Emails from BrisLETS

Are you receiving our CES emails?

The Offers and Wants (Os & Ws) lists on 1st and 15th each month? If not, you may need to look in your Promotions folder, or click to view All mailNext, add <> to your contact list, to prevent our emails going into your junk/spam folder.

Our NewLETS (at the beginning of every month) and our Events Update email (around the middle of every month)? If not, check your spam folder and mark them as Not Spam.

Your contact details

Log in to CES, go to My Record/My Record and check your details are up-to-date and correct. Please ask Judith if you need your login details sent to you again.

Os & Ws

Please update your Os & Ws to keep our listings exciting, relevant and accurate. Accuracy is very important because incorrect listings can lead to lack of confidence in the system.

Click on Offerings/My Offerings. Are they clear? Is there a price, a photo? Remove any duplicate ads, or ads that are no longer current. Update offerings that are still current to extend their expiry date. If you click Update Offer (to today’s date) it will display for another 6 months. If you want a longer exposure, click Edit and select a time period from the drop-down menu.

Click on Wants/My Wants to tidy up in the same way. Including an image will draw attention to your Want.

After trading

When you sell something, remember to enter each transaction.

Log in to CES and look on the home page at the top left-hand side, under Seller Actions. Click on Enter Transactions. First you may need to search for your buyer’s account number if you don’t already have it.

Browsing the Offerings and Wants

Did you find a problem in the listings? Are user contact details incorrect? Is a listing out-of-date or wrong? Are there doubled-up listings? Any other problems? Please advise the user who listed. If this isn’t possible, let Alison Bird (CES Website Admin) or Judith Shaw (Membership Secretary) know so we can try to follow up or fix the problem.

Ask around

Please talk to other members and ask them if they are receiving our emails, and share this information with our non-internet users. Thanks.


Just ask Alison Bird <> if you would like some hints for getting started using CES, or if you have any difficulty using our online system.

Alison Bird

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