Everybody seemed to really enjoy themselves – I think about five members came – Helen and Elizabeth from Kenmore, Jessica from Morayfield, Kelly from Deception Bay, and Michelle from Woody Point. (I hope I haven’t missed some) and four of my friends. Yes it was really the perfect venue having both inside and outside areas – apart from examining my garden and vegetable patch they all settled for the sunny place in the front enclosed garden. It was non-stop chatting and smiles all the way through from what I could see. 

A little trading, I’m not sure about the others but I think I sold mostly a few items of clothing and some textile artwork.

It was delightful to meet some of the other members I think there was a great communal spirit throughout with many common interests with my friends as well. Unfortunately I didn’t get to take any more photos than the one I texted to you which shows my three friends – there always seemed to be something to distract me from the purpose!

I still think it is a great way to connect community and trade skills and goods also with the option of freebies which many people here on the Peninsula like to do and I think it would be great if all members who are able to continue their enthusiasm for their particular areas and sharing the benefits we could become just as effective as the handful of other groups around Australia. 

When I was a member of the Rainbow Region Lets in Nimbin I used to run a monthly trading stall at the markets with things I had collected dirt cheap and was selling almost as dirt cheap but with ‘ecos’ as we used to call them to members. Any member could also place their things on the table for sale. This was a great public image and because Nimbin is so community oriented we were not charged for the stall. I would love to see that sort of thing happen around here, as we already have banners!

If some members accumulate many points as I did before I moved up here I did find that trading on my travels was a great bonus – especially as I travel by road with economy in mind!

Best wishes Jenni!