Recent events

19 November 2017
Trading day at Isabelle and Michael’s

This month we were treated to a SOAP-MAKING DEMO by Dana Hoffman
We watched Dana make soap from scratch using the cold-process method and were able to take home the recipe & a beautiful sample.

We also had lots of services on offer including
* SEWING ADVICE – Isabelle Lacombe BLCE0058 provided sewing advice.
* COFFEE – Marie-France BLCE1380 served beautiful fresh REAL coffee.
* FROZEN DINNERS – Isabelle Derouet BLCE1335 provided yummy frozen pre-cooked takeaway meals to take home to serve on a busy day.
* MORE – Ishka offered kefir, Jen brought her haircutting kit!


Our president, Simon, hosted the October Trading Day at his sustainable house, ‘Equanimity’, in Coopers Plains. There was plenty of active trading at the event with excellent attendance despite the rainy weather. More than 25 people were there, including new and old members. Jen set up a salon for cutting hair and there were tables heaped with goods to trade.

Simon gave a talk about calendars and calendar reform. Australia and most of the world conventionally uses the Gregorian calendar, however irregular months can be awkward for planning and recording. Simon has chosen to use the International Fixed Calendar wherever possible. It has 13 equal months of 28 days, and a couple of ‘leap’ days which, of course, would be holidays in a generous world with a new economy. Interesting ideas, thanks Simon! More information is here

Yeronga Trading Day 17 September 2017

at the home of Isabelle & Michael
attended by 8 – Isabelle, Michael, Rachael, Lui, Ruth, Clyde, Karel, Marie-France.
A warm and enjoyable afternoon was enjoyed by the small group, with some trading, also discussion about LETS promotion topics. A highlight of the day was Isabelle’s delicious coconut sticky black rice dish cooked in the solar cooker!


Saturday 2 September
NENA marketplace
Part of the NENA Conference

CES & BrisLETS held a market, concert, healing tent and workshop sessions to showcase community exchange in Australia.
It was a wonderful event – people joined in, relaxed, listened, participated, tried our goods and services, and experienced the new economy.

Some of the offerings available on the day included:
framed photo prints, handmade soap, upmarket clothes, potplants, candles, worm farms, honey, Ali Art greetings cards, handsewn bags, purses & gifts, Bushtekniq bush regeneration info stall, ‘A Place To Call Home’ Location guidebooks, solar cooking display, Brisbane Tool Library info stall, brownies, whipped ghee, dukkah, packs of herbs & teas, chakra lotions, essential oils, Wemoon sanitary pads, apiwrap wax kitchen wraps, lip balm, beanies, handmade seed packets, bush flower essences, french knitting sets, chopping boards, macadamia nuts, homespun wool & craft fleece, poi, wheat heat bags and more

circus, comedy yoga, bee-keeping talk, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, hip & spine exercises, open source software advice

musicians: Kate Barzdo, Daylight Moon, Des Reid, Anita Diamond Lawrence