Recent events

Saturday 2 September
NENA marketplace
Part of the NENA Conference

CES & BrisLETS held a market, concert, healing tent and workshop sessions to showcase community exchange in Australia.
It was a wonderful event – people joined in, relaxed, listened, participated, tried our goods and services, and experienced the new economy.

Some of the offerings available on the day included:
framed photo prints, handmade soap, upmarket clothes, potplants, candles, worm farms, honey, Ali Art greetings cards, handsewn bags, purses & gifts, Bushtekniq bush regeneration info stall, ‘A Place To Call Home’ Location guidebooks, solar cooking display, Brisbane Tool Library info stall, brownies, whipped ghee, dukkah, packs of herbs & teas, chakra lotions, essential oils, Wemoon sanitary pads, apiwrap wax kitchen wraps, lip balm, beanies, handmade seed packets, bush flower essences, french knitting sets, chopping boards, macadamia nuts, homespun wool & craft fleece, poi, wheat heat bags and more

circus, comedy yoga, bee-keeping talk, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, hip & spine exercises, open source software advice

musicians: Kate Barzdo, Daylight Moon, Des Reid, Anita Diamond Lawrence