Upcoming events

BrisLETS has regular trading days, usually the third Sunday of the month.

These are our upcoming events:


MARCH 18th 2pm – 5pm
Easter Arts and Craft Eggtravaganza
Bring your arts and crafts and other goodies to sell at the pre-easter community markets
Grab a FREE cup of Coffee/Tea and have a chat.
A discussion on Mutual Credit compared to Fiat currencies and its future on the
blockchain.      Presenter:  Simon Cole  BLCE4104
Making a simple pattern to fit your body.
Bring a tape measure and we’ll look at the basics of making a pattern to fit you.
If you are like me, you are not shaped like a Vogue model, and garments are too tight
somewhere; too loose somewhere else; too short or too long.
If you’ve ever wondered why English TV shows feature so many well-dressed people,
here is a simple answer: they focus on getting the fit of the clothes right.
So let’s measure up together to get you started learning about the whole exciting
world of haute couture!      LETS Units 10 per person
Presenter:  Anne Tennock  BLCE1006

The Albion Peace Hall, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor is a large attractive hall in a quiet spot with easy parking. We look forward to building our relationship with BOGI (Brisbane Organic Growers Inc) who rent out the building. (As we are hiring the venue, a gold coin donation at the door is appreciated until we can negotiate LETS units payment.)

We hope to add further venues in various locations around Brisbane so please let us know if you are interested in being part of organising this for your locality.
Now we have a regular trading venue, we would like to concentrate on the experience to attract both sellers and buyers. So we would like to include some workshops and presentations to add interest.  Do you have a suitable skill to share? Send in your requests too – perhaps you would like to learn a cooking or gardening method, hear about solar or wind power, permaculture, essential oils, linux & opensource software, dumpster diving, starting a cooperative, bitcoin, or something else …?
We are also working on some other concepts to showcase what BRISLETS can offer, so stay tuned …
CONTACT: Our Events Team – Andrew Gaydon (BLCE1498) or Isabelle – for all your trading day suggestions.

LETS Unconference 8 March 2018

Adelaide LETS is hosting this just before WOMAD 2018. This one-day ‘unconference’ is basically a conference with a predefined topic and attendees come with a presentation prepared. Everyone gets a chance to ‘have a go’. For the benefit of interstate members who may attend Adelaide events during ‘Mad March’, they hope that accommodation will be available with LETS members to keep the dollar costs down to a minimum.

Upcoming Committee Meetings

May 14th, Monday, 9:30 am – 11 am, Secretary’s residence, Annerley. Open meeting, but if attending, please RSVP via the Contact Page

July 15th , Sunday, Time am tba, AGM followed by lunch and Trading from 2pm. If attending, please RSVP via the Contact Page