On the 3rd Saturday of July, 16th July, 1-4pm, Jodi will be hosting a Trading Day at Victoria Point. Normally Jodi is unable to attend Trading Days as she has a market stall on Sundays. This will allow Jodi and others not able to attend Sundays, a chance to meet other members. The address will be given through the notification to members prior to the event.

On the 3rd Sunday of July, 17th July, 1-4pm, Jennifer will hosting a Trading Day at Scarborough. A very keen LETS member in other areas before moving up, Jennifer is very keen to involve the local community in LETS. As seen at the May Trading Day, Jennifer is extremely talented, loves creating practical art, recycling and enriching peoples lives without spending money!

So with two events at either end of the BrisLETS region, we look forward to seeing you there with lots of trading and conversations!

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