The August Trading Day will be on 3rd Sunday, 21st August, at the Albion Peace Hall 1-4pm. There AGM will be held at 2pm.

The previous minutes, agenda etc will be emailed to members 2 weeks prior to the meeting, and can be found uploaded in the Members Forum Facebook group.

Please bring along your trade items, come meet up with friends and vote in a new committee to keep BrisLETS going into it’s 33rd year. We have quite a few new members who have experience in other LETS groups, from diverse parts of the area BrisLETS covers as well as our long term members. We have new energy as we create a promotions campaign on social media and create a video compiled from member interviews on the benefits of trading with an alternative currency.

Jessie is happy to support those new to their roles in BrisLETS, whether on the management committee or other positions, to ensure an easy transfer of know how and to allow them to hit the ground running. Jessie will not be taking on any roles this year as her life takes on different directions. She is putting together checklists so anyone, at any time,should be able to do any role as needed.

Looking forward to seeing you there and celebrating with a new committee!