Drop off and pick up points

How it works
1. Buyer and Seller decide which DOP to use and contact the DOP host to make arrangements: DOP Host contact details are on the CES website, but you will need to ask for their street number and access details, etc.. (Note the DOPH Host map will soon be combined with the Members Map.)
2. All parcels must be clearly labelled with Transport Slips (see below).
3. The Seller OR a courier leaves the item in the appropriate space at the DOP. Couriers can be found or requested on the CES website (new offers and wants appear on the front page) or on our Facebook Trading Group.
4. The Buyer OR a courier picks up the item.
5. Please be sensitive to the generosity of our hosts & don’t take anything for granted.

Please make sure you label all items and leave them in the area provided.

Please use this Transport Slip:
Transport Slip_BrisLETS

Transport Slip cropped

Drop Off Point Hosts
A number of members have volunteered to be Drop Off Point Hosts and are willing to store items for members to facilitate trade across Brisbane.

The BrisLETS Drop Off Points are as follows:
Hugh’s (BLCE1369) Dutton Park
Sylvia’s (BLCE0981)Toowong
Alison Bryant’s (BLCE1031) Clontarf
Simon’s (BLCE4104) Coopers Plains
Amanda’s (BLCE0048) Alexandra Hills

Look up their details on CES.


We still need DOPs in some parts of our metropolis. Would you like to volunteer? Please read our HOW TO document and then get in touch with us via the Volunteer Opportunities page under Help.


If you travel between these points regularly and would like to be a courier please contact us and we can publicise your details.