Member Activation Drive

The “MAD” is a calling tree, where 25 or so volunteer members each call 10-15 other members to; 1/ activate members and connect them to their neighbouring members; 2/ check contact details and get more survey responses; and 3/ recruit committee members. We do this to find out which traders are active and to update our database.

The (inaurgural) Member Activation Drive Guide 2018 gives instructions on what to do.

Each caller receives an up-to-date list of members in their neighbourhood from their Division Area Contact, who liases with Admin. Admin prepares MAD by contacting Division Area Contacts in advance and creating lists for each Division. Division Area Contacts find 3-10 members in their areas to act as callers. Here’s a helpful MAD Sample Email to Division Contacts & Callers.

The MAD 2018 Table of Notes is where members record results and send them in to Admin for collation.