After a pleasant shared lunch, we sat in a circle and did the ‘skills lab’, inspired by Alison Bird and Rachael Kelly (our Graphic Designer and Marketting Team member).
The discussion meandered interestingly as we got to know each other better, including our offers and wants… many connections and synergies unfolded.
Then we traded, and quite a lot of goods changed hands… particularly the rescue food I brought. More of that will be available at the main monthly Market Day at the Peace Hall on the 20th.
I also offered a tutorial to a member that she found very useful; using the mobile website to record transactions!
The Harmony Room at St David’s is a beautifully appointed room with wide TV screen for presentations, kitchen facilities and a piano which really needs playing! It looks out onto a garden yard with herbs, fruit and flowers. We use the room in exchange for some gardening help and it certainly needed some good solid watering today. Any local members who can garden are very welcome to join us in maintaining this valuable connection with the generous Community Centre at the rear of the Uniting Church.
Please get in touch with me if you live nearby and can join me and Gemma for some light gardening once a week, fortnight or month.
 — Simon Cole