Above: Amanda Kelly and her daughter Ava at the may Trading Day. (Photo:Andrew Gaydon)

A good attendance was seen yesterday. We trialled a new format for our monthly signature event; the Market Trading Days.

Those who wanted to, came early for a shared lunch at 12 noon. This was a pleasant pot luck meal in the conference room next to the kitchen with about 12 people catching up on personal and BrisLETS affairs. It was an informal atmosphere and the food was good – thanks to Josephine for going to the trouble of cooking a freshly baked frittata. We then cleaned up and moved to the lounge for storytelling, hosted by Josephine. The theme was My favorite destination and some interesting anecdotes and a few laughs were had. Extraordinary past adventures came to light.

The new format for the day saw people keen on trading arrive by 2pm and having set up, a good round of trading in the spacious hall took place. There was a good variety of near-new rescued or recycled goods, plants, craft and food, fruit and vegetables.

Bianca Bapista bought along some of her paintings.

At 3pm, Admin held a Q&A that saw a good turnout of about 15 members. What do you want to see happen in BrisLETS? was the question admin asked (as represented by me, Simon, Chair on the Management Committee [MC] and CES Website Administrator on the Management Support Team [MST], and Andrew, Planning and Technical Support on the MST). There was a good discussion around increasing the value of Units by increasing the number and value of trades and traders. Members also engaged well with the challenges of managing the existing membership database and of expanding it.

Before the next Market Trading Day on June 16th, please look at the proposed changes to the Terms & Conditions and amendments to the Constitution and come ready with your questions and ideas to another Admin Q&A at 1pm. (Check the calendar for possible changes to the program.)

(Photos by Andrew Gaydon)

We’re finding that the $2 donation request at the door is not raising enough to cover the $50 hire for 4 hours use of the Hall. This may resolve itself if people donate just a little bit more. Of course we hope more people will come, too. Unfortunately, it may be necessary to make it a requirement. Next month, look out for a lucky door prize that may be included in admission… I’m also hoping to come to a better arrangement with the Peace Hall that may see us able to pay in Units. The Peace Hall is unique in Brisbane, to the best of my knowledge, in that it is an association of non-religious, grass-roots community organisations. We are naturally aligned in many ways, so it would be good for us to find a way to collaborate.

Simon Cole, Chair.

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