Bonjour Simon,

I went to the Noumea Lets on the first Saturday of the month in the community center in Magenta. The place was much smaller than Albion Peace Hall but more members turned up, around 45. They have about 130 members in total.
They pay a yearly fee in Flowers of Niouali. If they are inactive for, I think, 6 months they lose their membership.
They are not part of the online Community exchange. A couple of members enter the transactions for everyone.
During the TD, they wear badges with name and number.
Last Saturday was special, they celebrated the Epiphany, eating a special galette and drinking cider that everyone brought. After the trading, they pushed the tables, handed out a sheet with the lyrics of 4  well known French songs then the musicians started playing accordion and we all sang. After the singing, they started dancing.
It was very lively and people were very enthusiastic and jovial.
Isabelle Derouet
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