December’s Market Day on Sunday the 16th at The Peace Hall was as well attended as ever and donations to come Hall hire was more generous than ever. The Christmas spirit of giving shone through.
We enjoyed beautiful spread of various plates for our shared lunch, including Josephine’s popular tuna mornay, baked at home and reheated in the kitchen. The Peace Hall’s well-equipped kitchen as tempted us to prepare food there, but unfortunately Queensland Food Health and Safety regulations prevent us from using it to prepare restaurant-style dishes. Reheating, and snacks, such as sausage sizzles are fine, and these can be shared or sold for the benefit of the organisation, not an individual.
After lunch, Announcements flowed into a general discussion meeting about BrisLETS business, and discussion of a new logo ensued. After some time for shopping from the array of goods available, Josephine’s Story Telling on the theme Something I’ve learnt was well attended with some moving and amusing anecdotes. Nearly everyone also went to Dawn Joyce’sĀ BLCE0987 book launch. All the meanwhile, new member Shonika Hill BLCE1309 was massaging in one of the side rooms – she was fully booked! Make a booking; she’s in Capalaba. Finally, Simon offered a tutorial on using the CES site for some members which will help them trade independently online. Look out for his Member training/Volunteers Workshop. It’ll be for ordinary members to learn how to trade on CES and see how useful the BrisLETS website is. Then it’ll go into information for potential and existing volunteer/workers, learning about how BrisLETS is organized, and training on Slack, etc..
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