BrisLETS was fortunate to be able to present at the 2019/20 Woodford Folk Festival. After years of trying to get a speaking spot at Woodford, this year Alison Bird was successful. Sadly, Alison passed away on 3rd of November. Honouring her efforts, Anne Tennock and Simon Cole stepped in for her.

Anne spoke lovingly of Alison’s work with LETS/CES after a few technical gliches. Simon wizzed through a version of Alison’s promotional Slideshow with little time to spare (they’re very strict about cut off time), however, it was good rehearsal for better performances to come.

The Woodford program guide described the presentation (see our events post for more) thus:

The sharing economy is expanding and community exchange is a method of cashless trading using mutual credit. It helps to build resilient communities by sharing resources with balance and equity. The system fosters sustainability, creativity and generosity, providing an opportunity to reimagine economics. Account holders are encouraged to aim for a zero balance, a feature that operates to derail greed and corruption.

From Michael & Ludmila Doneman, Woodford Folk Festival GreenHOUSE Ideas Programme Coordinators:

Dear Simon and Anne,
We trust you’ve recovered your energies and started 2019 inspired by what you received from the festival and its community. We thank you for your contribution to the Green House program. We are very happy with what was presented at the GH to around 10,000 people (our unofficial count) and the feedback so far is very good. Attached are a couple of photos from your presentation.Thank you again for your co-operation that contributed to a very smooth delivery.With best wishes for the year ahead.

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