Sunday July 21 was rather a peculiar Trading Day, and showed how much BrisLETS needs another Events Organiser now that Andrew Gaydon and Isabelle Derouet have stepped down.
A few people turned up to share lunch; these people decided to sit outside in the sun, rather than stay in the hall. Later, other people arrived in the hall to trade.
For some time, neither the group outside nor the group inside realised the others were present: a good example of right hands and left hands!
This miscommunication meant that Storytelling didn’t happen.
Fortunately, both insiders and outsiders came together eventually.
Several attendees participated in Anne Tennock’s excellent and valuable presentation on accessing accommodation within our own BrisLETS membership and other CES groups. Others conducted brisk trading and networking.

Lunch on the grass at the Peace Hall, Albion

Skills Lab — Storytelling
This will carry over July’s topic (Never again! suggested by Alison Bird) to the August Trading Day on Sunday August 18.


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