From the President:
This is in response to questions and discussions on our Facebook Forum

I agree it’s not ideal having a Treasurer who is not fully engaged, so I’ll speak to Kelly who is considering nominating – I think the important thing is that John and Kelly have time to compare how they do things, and for Kelly to declare what her vision for BrisLETS is. In the meantime, as Liz suggests, let’s call John a Treasurer as there is no alternative for the next 2 months. I’m certainly not make any important decisions with just one other MC member voting. All 3 have approved the constitution changes being proposed. Other members are having input, too.:

It’s a good question to ask “What order should the changes and election go in?” I haven’t really thought about it. But probably it makes sense to vote on the Constitution changes first, then the T&Cs. Andrew Gaydon you suggested they need to be ratified by the new MC. If members vote in favour of the changes, the new MC will need to abide by them. I don’t see any problem with that. Therefore, I propose the changes be presented to members at a GM, followed by the AGM where elections take place. I don’t see a need for the new MC to ratify the changes to the constitution. But as it has the power to change the T&Cs, I think it would need to ratify them. Or should they be voted on after the elections, if the new MC wants to put them to a vote?
I’m encouraging candidates to make statements of their vision for BrisLETS, so members are better informed as to who they’re voting for, even if there’s only one candidate for each position.
I think there is are real problem with having any number of ordinary members being elected to the MC without a role or job, and especially without any statement of what vision they have for the organisation. If members elect members they don’t know very well, thinking it’s better to have a larger MC, the MC could end up with an unworkable mix of people. In my opinion, it’s best to enlarge the MC with people who have been doing something to help because they are known to more members. The current number of people helping out on committees and teams is 10 and we are a fun group who are accepting of a diversity of opinion and styles.
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