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In the next newsletter, and on our website, the president will release a proposal to turn our exchange into a more better run organisation that rewards volunteers in Units. Budgeting for this will of course depend on the amount of Unit revenue the exchange earns and that in turn depends on the growth and activity level of it. Until that happens, expenditure will have to be kept in check. Members will have the opportunity to vote on the proposal at this year’s AGM in July. Download the latest version of the BrisLETS-Restructuring Proposal 17 May 2018 here.

As part of the on-going drive to grow and activate the exchange, we continue to call for recruits to join an expanded committee; a Trading Facilitator, a Fund-raiser, a Units Treasurer, a Website Administrator, more Drop Off Point Hosts, a backup Mediator, Local Area Coordinators for our 4 divisions and replacements for our potentially vacating Secretary, and Membership Secretary. If any of those titles sound interesting, do get in touch with Simon and I will do my best to tailor the job to suit you. A fun way to get involved is to get a friend or even a little group of friends to take on one of the jobs and share it. Basic Internet skills help a lot, but not essential if you have someone to work with who has those skills.

We now have every member pinpointed on a map. With this map, you can now find members who are closest to you. You can also trade more easily with members across town using our Drop off Point Hosts.  The map is available on the homepage of CES, after you log in. Locate a member, then use their blce account number to find them on CES, see their offers, wants, contact details and exact address. We hope this will make trading easier, and help create more of a sense of local community.


Because we are unable to restrict access to the map link to members only at this stage, we ask that it not be shared with non-members. For this reason, every member’s location is approximate, pinpointed using only post code and suburb. Street names (never numbers) are used in a few cases where there are multiple members sharing a p/c and suburb, and every attempt is made to ask their permission. Have some fun now with the map and please report any errors to the president, Simon. Please be patient with us while we continue to build up and improve the system.

Divisions Map Abstract

This abstract diagram of Brisbane shows the 4 Divisions we have within the Brisbane City Council area. On the map, members outside the BCC are shown in one of the four divisions in a shade of grey. The Divisions are merely a way to organise member data by location, and do not restrict activity across the metropolitan exchange in any way. The boundaries are easily visualized and well-known landmarks; the Brisbane River, the M3/M1 and the western green belt (Mt Coot-tha).
Each division currently has about 85 members in each, except West, which has 32. Members in Samford may not think of themselves as being in the North, but the green belt represents a transport barrier to other members in the West. Members in The Gap are in the North Division. There is nothing stopping members from forming local get-togethers across these Division borders, other than physical barriers. Your location onthe map will help you connect with nearby members, create a sense of localisation and encourage you to trade and socialize more locally.

The geographical and transport features of the city that form the boundaries of the 4 divisions are:
North – of the River and of Toowong and the western green belt
South – of the River and east of the M3/M1
East – of the M3/M1 and south of the River
West – of the River and south of the green belt and Auchenflower
Previously, there were 5-6 vaguely defined divisions; Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Brisbane Central, Brisbane East, Brisbane West, Brisbane West (including Samford). Their boundaries were never clear and city/council borders were disregarded.

We have successfully sourced a group to upgrade our website. Thanks to Annette Louden, the ozWebsite Blitz Team are working on an improved site for us. Coming soon!




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