Why the major overhaul of our T&Cs (terms and conditions)? Why change the Constitution?

by Simon Cole, Chair

Many of us in BrisLETS – and those who have taken a look and left – would like Units to be more genuinely valuable. Fundamentally, Units are only as valuable as what they can be spent on. To increase their value means having more valuable goods and services; in other words, more traders offering a wider variety.

Late last year, we started the MAD (Member Activation Drive) to stimulate members and update our database of traders on the community exchange system (CES). A calling-tree of helpful members (thank you Jen Humphries, Liz Stanhope, George Schmid, Andrew Gaydon, Judith Shaw, Joe Smith and Russell Preston) contacted about 130 members of the 275 or so members listed as “active”.


  • About 25% of those we attempted to contact (about 32 members out of 130 contacted) were unreachable.
  • Of the 75% we reached (98 members), about half (49 members) responded.
  • About 25% of the respondents (about 12 members) asked to have their accounts closed.
  • Of the 75% of respondents who wanted to continue (about 37 members), some have become more engaged, but others have not shown evidence of trading since.

So, not a great result.

We know that only about 130 of the “official” 275 traders have traded or logged into their accounts in the past two years, and they are not necessarily the 130 we attempted to contact.

Maybe it was, as the name suggested, mad.

Mad? Maybe. A useful start? Yes.

While not a lot changed as a result of MAD, those of us who took part in this exercise learnt a lot about our systems. We learnt that we DON’T have an easy way for our administrators to maintain and update our database of traders, i.e. our membership list. If we did, we could focus more of our energy on encouraging trade. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can improve our systems, read on…

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