By Josephine Brown

Our monthly Trading Day coincided with Easter Sunday this year, but, in a spirit of Keep calm and carry on, it went ahead anyway with many of the usual stalwarts attending.

Towards the end of the day, we had a visitor from the Gold Coast, Cj (Craige) Cronin, who wanted to ask us about how we operate. He has applied for membership with us, and is thinking of establishing a LETS group down there.

Our regular Storytelling session’s theme was A life-changing event. This made for some very enjoyable stories from participants, including one new storyteller dipping his toe in the water.

We were entertained by fascinating narratives and curious details about our fellow members that we perhaps wouldn’t have, otherwise.

Other benefits of the storytelling activity include:

  • increased mind discipline via organising one’s thoughts and recollections so as to stay within the recommended five-minute limit (and thanks to Ishka McNulty for keeping us honest!)

  • the pleasure of recalling good times or challenges overcome

  • getting to know each other better, thus assisting trade, since people do business with people they know and like.

Afterwards, we shared a delicious afternoon tea.

As it is a Trading Day, this session’s organiser now understands it is inappropriate to offer this activity for FREE. However, participants may reflect its value to them by deciding how many units they would like to contribute.

Next month’s Storytelling theme, suggested by Jeni Lewington:

My favourite travel destination.

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