Many will have resources because you have had paid work until recently, but don’t have cash right now.

Like searching for training for your career or an item from Amazon or on Ebay, knowing what it is that will meet your needs, allows you to put attention on your intention, which focuses your mind to work on findingĀ  solutions. Talking to other members can sometimes open opportunities that is totally amazing – because of the diversity, skills, knowledge, networks and abilities of members, that they might not think is important to advertise, because it’s natural for them.

Connecting to a community that focuses on helping each other may be a new experience. By sharing your pressures and needs, allows others the opportunity to help you and earn units, because of that willingness to help.

So you have made the decision to create a garden (join BrisLETS because you don’t have cash).

If we use a metaphor eg. creating a garden – whether you live in a high rise flat, rent a unit with a backyard with little space overshadowed by a tree, or own your own home and you have decided to convert your front lawn to a permaculture garden, have kids and pets – you consider what having a garden means to you – what you need to get out of it to make the effort worthwhile – you consider your limitations, costs, resources, and then you can get knowledge from google, friends actually put that vision into practice.

The same with LETS – you can decide what you need to do right now – your pressures eg. no job, stressed, need to sell items to raise cash. What could help you get through this time? eg coaching about a new life direction, babysitting so you can go to work, a holiday – or you can sit back and wait for someone to contact you to do something for them because you really don’t know what you need. Where you put your attention and energy, will give you those results.

The Brislets Community Exchange page will have articles in the files etc that will help you start to think about how BrisLETS can help you at this stage of your life and circumstances.

The BrisLETS Members Forum is a private members group where members can ask questions and discuss issues and get support from other members.The Brislets Trading – Wants and offers group, allows you to post offers and wants too or ask for help – but it is public.

The CES (where you are taken when you join up to fill in your details), gives you other members offers and wants, and references. You can check out BrisLETS (BLCE) or other regions or states LETS for offerings eg. accommodation etc. You can always contact the management committee if you have anything you need help with.

We do encourage existing members to contact new members to assist them to start trading straight away (buddies). You can spend units before earning units, as the energy of trading is the goal, ie. helping others meet their needs – like you would help out a friend – but try to keep the balance close to zero rather than building up units either in debit or credit (unlike what we do with cash).

Happy Trading!

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