By Josephine Brown

To bring about a BrisLETS group that really benefits you, first you need to crystallise your ideas about what makes a useful organisation.

Jessie Scott is a long-term member of BrisLETS, putting her in an excellent position to ask the kind of questions we all need to consider ahead of our next AGM in August, so bring it along to the next Q&A for discussion. (Yes, it’s been deferred to give you an opportunity to think about the T&Cs and how you’ll benefit from them.)

What’s our mission?

She says, “Companies put out a mission statement so that people can see where they are heading”.

First question: what should our mission statement say? Where are we heading?

Jessie continues: “We need to focus on what we want ― not what we don’t want.”

She’s started a list herself, and suggests that you make your own bucket list so we can all have something to suggest at the AGM.

She also mentions our vision, which includes what BrisLETS looks like, the people it attracts, and ways of motivating active members to create energy in the CES by trading and keeping their account to zero.

Your reason for joining?

Jessie joined BrisLETS for many excellent reasons: “… because I was either giving or doing or receiving things to help or meet a need, rather than asking for payment or paying people myself.

“Also, I liked being in a community that had the same values of caring and respect. I wanted to help others, and then have the resources to get things I wouldn’t normally. I wanted to help others try out business concepts etc.

“I liked getting to know others and their interests and skills, and I wanted to be part of networking to help others when they needed things.”

You probably share her reasons for joining. You may have your own ideas for achieving these aims more easily. Put them on your bucket list!

Fulfilling BrisLETS’ potential

Jessie has further valid questions for us to consider:

  • How can we help people see the great potential of BrisLETS?
  • How we help members make the most of the technological benefits we now have in the CES, the map of where fellow members may be found, our app, our NewsLETS newsletter, our website etc.?
  • How do we future-proof BrisLETS against the possibility of our internet/CES being hacked?
  • How do we allow people who are not currently tech-savvy to get value or keep connected to BrisLETS?
  • How do we value all members’ skills, knowledge and abilities so they may more easily contribute to the long-term stability of BrisLETS?
  • How do we meet the needs of members in a respectful manner, so that members make the effort to participate actively?
  • How can we motivate people to take on management roles?
  • How can the centralised BrisLETS management committee best help those members in remote locations?
  • How can we encourage those remote members to trade locally, as well as remain connected to the Management Committee/CES?
  • How do we best recompense the management committee for the time and skills they invest to sustain BrisLETS?
  • How can members support them to do that?
  • How do we value and recognise regular members who contribute significant time and skills to advance and sustain BrisLETS, and capture the history of BrisLETS?
  • Should we have a community chest that can help others in crisis?
  • How do we help members when their circumstances change, e.g. illness or death?
  • How do we best handle any accounts not being in zero?

The actual date of the AGM has not yet been announced, but it’s certainly not too soon to start listing your brilliant ideas for making BrisLETS the organisation that YOU want it to be.



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