Ahoy from Europe! During September, I’ve been visiting friends, family and colleagues in the UK, France and Germany. It’s been 15 years since I was last here; I don’t like to recklessly hop on planes just for sightseeing.

Look out for my report, coming soon, on travelling internationally with LETS/CES.

Despite being away, I’ve remained involved remotely — and it’s good to see BrisLETS events and activities chugging along. In the past two years more people have been involved in helping run our exchange in very helpful ways, sometimes small, sometimes big — a real cause for celebration!

And we can do that in November during our 30th Anniversary party. However, even more could be achieved if more members pitch in and do a little bit in an area they really like. See more thoughts on this in Stage 3 of my Restructuring Proposal on the website under the News tab.

BrisLETS inspires

A group in the south-west of WA is forming and has turned to us for mentoring. It’s flattering and an honour to be able to support them by example and with advice.

T&Cs updated, altered

Thanks to Liz Stanhope, our Terms & Conditions have been tidied up and simplified. In brief, the changes, pending approval by the Management Committee, are:

  • BrisLETS PO box address change

  • Accounts without offerings may be hidden

  • Members are encouraged to trade solely in units, not $s, if they can

  • Management Committee is responsible for BrisLETS’ dollars

  • Management Support Team is responsible for BrisLETS’ units

  • Members are responsible for ensuring transaction details are entered as soon as possible

  • Members are to keep their own profile details, offers and wants up to date on a regular basis

  • The spirit of BrisLETS is community-mindedness and generosity

Management Support Team

In keeping with the general direction of “dispersal and inclusion” of responsibilities so that more people are doing less, rather than a few doing a lot, the Management Support Team, as conceived in Stage 2 of the Restructuring Proposal – see the link under News on our website – is to be responsible for the units side of our association’s business.

First quarter units payroll

As per the Restructuring Proposal Stage 1, payment of units to active members (those core people working for BrisLETS) will proceed in the absence of a system still in the making. Our current budget allows five people to be paid for about 20–30 minutes work per week at the internationally recognised median rate of 35 units/hour, which is the recommended conversion rate with Time Bank.


Our new website continues to be improved. Our Member Activation Drive will kick off sometime at the end of October when I can get to it. Interestingly, I got the exact same call from Share Shed in Salisbury before I left in August. Did anyone else? They are a good example. With so many accounts drifting into disuse, this Member Activation Drive would be a good process to repeat every year. The Member Survey is still open and taking feedback; if you haven’t taken the survey yet, it’s not too late. [CLICK HERE FOR LINK]

Members — Restructuring Proposal Stage 3

I’m fielding the idea of making a clearer distinction between members who want to simply use the trading platform and socialise, and those who are willing to pitch in and help. I’m thinking of calling them passive and active members, or Users and Members. See Stage 3 of the Restructuring Proposal under the News tab of our website.

Simon Cole, BrisLETS President

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