Flow-on effects of motions passed by the Management Committee (MC)

A subcommittee was appointed to delegate all CES and units-related business to a Management Support Team (MST), thus relieving the MC of much work.

By limiting the MC’s role to essential dollar-related business and ensuring our association meets the obligations of incorporation, it should now be easier to find replacement committee members.

It also spreads the work of supporting members’ use of CES to a range of team members who can collaborate more flexibly on- and off-line.

The MST’s work will be done and decisions recorded following similar conventions to the MC online, but with the freedom of being able to do their work at any time, and online (rather than at set times, in person).

The MC will review the Constitution and recommend changes. A General Meeting will be called in March to vote on these proposed changes.

The minutes are available on the Home page of our CES site. https://www.communityexchange.net.au/

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KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid

I recently mentioned an idea to distinguish between members who carry out work for BrisLETS and those who just want to trade. On reflection, and following advice from some sage, older members to KISS, the wisdom of simplicity has dawned on me.

I will now abandon Stage 3 of the Restructuring Proposal (RP). The RP is still available on our website under News, but will soon be replaced by a new page, “Payroll (or Stipend) System”, linked on the Committee page.

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First quarter unit payments to workers

The Restructuring Proposal (Stage 1), approved by members at July’s AGM, delivers a payroll system for members who actively work to support the Exchange: committee and team members.

Those listed on the Committee page of our website are on the ‘payroll’. To encourage and reward regular attendance, each person is asked how many weeks they worked to benefit our organisation.

This quarter (from 1 July to 30 September), they were paid for just 20 minutes each week @ U35/hour to keep within budget. This budget is limited by Admin’s revenue source, which comes from transaction levies and the volume of transactions.

Ad-hoc work, by those not on a committee or team, is paid for on completion.

In response to the positive support from members who responded to the recent survey, Admin may consider applying an annual fee to increase this revenue source.

Special thanks to those generous volunteers who offered their time and skills but refused payment.

Payments for this quarter will soon appear on a page linked on the Committee page of our website.  CLICK HERE

Members take care of each other

It was heart-warming to see how members came together to take care of a member involved in car crash on her way to October’s Trading Day.

Someone realised how unwell this person was, called an ambulance, and stayed with her in the hospital’s A&E until discharged late that night. She then drove her to another member’s place to stay overnight.

This is what community is all about. Thank you to those vigilant, caring members.

The Trading Day was attended with nearly 30 people, with a Management Committee meeting before lunch and Storytelling, a beading workshop and trading afterwards.

BrisLETS’ recent purchase (U50) of a dedicated admin laptop came in very handy with a new member able to learn how to join BrisLETS online at a TD without waiting for processing.

— Simon Cole (President)

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