MAD – Results in Summary

MAD results are still dribbling in and about one-third of traders on record have been contacted.

The MST (Management Support Team) has started following up the results of those contacted, by either hiding, closing, updating or just checking the account and account-holder’s record.

The MST established some rules to apply to all traders’ account, which are designed to be fair to both active and less active traders.

We aim for a balance that allows traders who have not accessed their account for a while enough flexibility to re-engage, and clears the decks for those active traders who have been inconvenienced by many inactive and unresponsive traders.

Member Activation Drive (MAD)

The results of the MAD show 291 accounts listed as active; 99 account holders were contacted.

With only seven of 19 callers completing their list, the drive stalled at the gate. Liz Stanhope has kindly offered to do some more calling. However, given the number of unassessed accounts, the Management Support Team has decided to apply the following simple rules:

  • Hide accounts that have not been accessed for more than 12 months, or not been active. (An email notice sent out explains this, and also makes it clear that the account-holder can log back in at any time, but they must first unhide their account or no one will see it.)
  • Close accounts that have been inactive for two years. (Another email notice warns them of this, giving them time to respond, and explaining they will have to rejoin.)
  • The CES Website Administrator (or their delegate) will review and check all accounts every 12 months, and apply the above rules. (This will happen over the coming months.)

Feedback from callers has been very valuable. It not only clears up who wants to continue, but has also encouraged some to re-engage.

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