Music lifts the soul and creates the atmosphere.

Even if you don’t think you are very good but love putting smiles on peoples faces and getting their toes tapping, we would love you to come along to the trading days. It’s not a performance, you don’t need the special gear – remember how it feels being around the fire with a guitar?

The members there will make it totally different every time as they add their particular flavour. Busking is a time honoured way to create value, and we can busk in units! Bring your trading sheet!

What else could you contribute besides music that creates an abundant atmosphere?

Liz, Alison and Jeni, clearly demonstrate that we can create abundance in our lives daily, with LETS, no matter your circumstances!

It takes trust and courage to speak out and ask for what you want, but before you do that, you must decide what serves you, be open and willing to see the possibilities – and coming along to trading days or getting on the phone to other members, helps you explore what your needs are (to help others, do something you enjoy, somewhere to stay while you holiday or visit family, get a lift, get some treats delivered, someone trustworthy to baby or house sit), and then how to get them met.

Liz showed us how important a supportive community is, and trading activators are important to focus our attention and energy on that.

How are you going to go about building a supportive community for yourself?

Are you someone who would like to continue doing what Liz was? By helping others, you will see all sorts of things happening in your life too. Suzanne, Ishka, myself and others are all ready to lend an ear and help you connect the dots.

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