Trading days allow members to put names to faces, and especially if you are looking for someone to house sit or baby/pet sit, you get to see potential trading members in a safe interactive setting.

We have an amazing diversity of interests within our members – stalls at the trading day allows members to display their work, to pick up and drop off items, ask others to deliver items to other members who might be attending the trading day etc.

It allows us a outlet for items from our house or garden etc when we no longer need them. We can also pick up unique items for ourselves or as gifts. We share food and conversation.

So it does take work to work out how to make the most out of the opportunities available – to help others and meet your own needs.

The idea of the incoming tide lifting all boats on the sea shore at once is a good way to think of BrisLETS opportunities – by thinking of what would help others to meet their needs, to lovingly prepare food for the trading day, to give those without transport etc a lift etc, not helps the other member feel better, happier and joyful in their lives, but ripples out to their family, friends and us too.

Seeing someone busking at the markets, who do it from the heart, affects everyone listening. Do you have something you really love doing, that might give others joy too?

The members there will make it totally different every time as they add their particular flavour.

Liz, Alison and Jeni, (all experienced very limiting health issues) clearly demonstrate that we can create abundance in our lives daily, with LETS, no matter your circumstances! Choosing to create abundance is the critical issue. They also clearly demonstrated that LETS allows people of all abilities do amazing things!

It takes trust and courage to speak out and ask for what you want, but before you do that, you must decide what serves you, be open and willing to see the possibilities – and coming along to trading days or getting on the phone to other members, helps you explore what your needs are (to help others, do something you enjoy, somewhere to stay while you holiday or visit family, get a lift, get some treats delivered, someone trustworthy to baby or house sit), and then how to get them met.

Liz (in her last months while on oxygen trapped at home) showed us how it’s possible to build a supportive community, and how trading activators (by focusing on talking to members about their needs rather than what she couldn’t do) are important to focus our attention and energy on creating a system that works for the individual.

How are you going to go about building a supportive community for yourself?

Are you someone who would like to continue doing what Liz was? By helping others, you will see all sorts of things happening in your life too. Suzanne, Ishka, Jessie and others are all ready to lend an ear and help you connect the dots.

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