GCBF Grant Application Round 98 Result

Last year BrisLETS applied to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund for a grant that was intended to support our Promotions, Trading and Events Teams. High on the list was an alteration to the Peace Hall’s large 3-room garage, one room of which we were offered and which is an excellent location for a Shop, Drop off Point and storage facility. It fronts the street and is very accessible. Other wish-list items were materials to advertise BrisLETS such as flags, house signs, corflute signs and paper items for promotional events and locations, to raise the visibility of the BrisLETS ‘brand’. Cupboards for DoPs were included, as well as equipment to support events such as a video projector, hall hire and marquees.

Unfortunately the news is not good. Our application was unsuccessful. I would like to thank Rob Vidovic for his moral support throughout the application process. We met several times at his home to work on it. His previous experience was helpful, as it was a first for me.

The reason given was that the fund was oversubscribed, meaning there were more applicants than they could approve. I was told there was nothing wrong with the application and was encouraged to reapply.

Should we reapply?

What do members think? Should BrisLETS reapply?

There is another Round open now, Round (100), which closes at 11.59pm on 28 February 2019.

The application as it stands can simply be sent in again. If successful, it’s not just go spend up big! The expenditure has to documented and the grand acquitted when completed.

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