It’s been a long time since the BrisLETS Constitution was updated.

At the next General Meeting, the Management Committee will propose minor changes to bring the constitution into line with what we already do.

Briefly, these are …

  • Section 3 Objects include ‘goods’ (as well as services) and our use of CES (rather than establishing it) and promoting the culture of the association

  • Section 6 Joining members don’t have to sign on paper, they can do it online

  • Section 18 (1) (b) (iii) reducing nomination notice from 2 weeks to 1 week.

However, one change is not minor. Our official name (Section 2 Name) is currently Brisbane Local Energy Trading System Organisationwhich is rather long.

Please read the Notes at the end of this story for explanations on each item.

This is your chance to choose a better, shorter name. Some suggestions are shown below (scroll down to 2. Name).

For more details about the recommended amendments, see below or open a pdf version by clicking here: Constitution Amendments 2019_v4

Constitution Amendments

Proposed changes; additions in bold, deletions struck out :


3. Objects

The objects of the association are

  • to facilitate and promote fair trading of goods and services between members of the association who have accounts on the Community Exchange System (CES) by establishing a credit and debit system of units through which members can trade for services rendered
  • To provide opportunities for members to foster self esteem and feelings of self worth and to encourage positive self reliant action
  • To promote and support the knowledge and culture and of the association and the use and accessibility of the Community Exchange System to all segments of the community.
  • To cooperate with other LETS and Community Exchange System groups.
  • Any other activities and events approved by its members

6. New Membership

(1) An applicant for membership of the association must be proposed by 1 member of the association (the proposer) and seconded by another member (the seconder).

(2) An application for membership must be—

(a) in writing; and

(b) signed by the applicant; or

(c) in such form as the management committee from time to time prescribes.

18. (1) (b) (iii)

Electing the management committee (1) A member of the management committee may only be elected as follows – the nomination must be given to the secretary at least 14 7 days before the annual general meeting at which the election is to be held.

2. Name

Proposed options: Note, this is the OFFICIAL Office of Fair Trade name of the incorporated association, which DOESN’T determine how we BRAND, MARKET and TALK about it. BRANDING is best discussed separately. A check of the Queensland Register shows that as of January 13th, 2019, none of the proposed names are registered by a charity or association.

1/ The name of the incorporated association is Brisbane Local Energy Trading System Organisation Inc (the association).

2/ The name of the incorporated association is Brisbane Local Energy Exchange Trading System Organisation Inc (the association).

3/ The name of the incorporated association is BrisLETS Community Exchange Inc (the association).

4/ The name of the incorporated association is Brisbane Local Community Exchange Inc (the association).

5/ The name of the incorporated association is Brisbane Exchange Community Inc (the association).


Section 3. Objects

The amendments update the Section to include goods and to more accurately include the role of the Community Exchange System and the role of the association as an agent of economic justice where the culture is one of fairness in trading and transactions.

Section 6.

The amendment allows the management committee to accept an application for membership without a hand-written signature.

Section 18.

The amendment allows nominations to be received at shorter notice. (Note: In the past most nominations have been taken from the floor.)

Section 2.

1/ ‘Organisation’ is unnecessary and lengthy.

2/ ‘Energy’ is sometimes confused with electricity and doesn’t encompass goods as well as services.

3/ This is the name of the exchange on CES.

4/ The acronym of this name agrees with the account prefixes on CES (BLCE), which cannot be changed.

5/ The association is a community group, not the exchange where transactions are recorded. The name of the exchange on CES can be easily changed to, for example Brisbane Community Exchange. An incorporated social group has potential insurance and funding (grant) benefits. The perception that we’re a trading business has prevented us from receiving support from e.g. City libraries in the past.

Things to remember:

    • Names 3/ – 5/ are all easier for official business; the current name has caused some problems with banking.

Reference: Constitution

40 Alteration of rules

(1) Subject to the Act, these rules may be amended, repealed or added to by a special resolution carried at a general meeting.

(2) However an amendment, repeal or addition is valid only if it is registered by the chief executive.

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