In the heart of the markets

Northey Street City Farm kindly offers community groups a free space at their Sunday Markets every week from 6am to 12 noon. It’s a great opportunity to mix your shopping and advocacy. Grab a coffee and come by, say hello and help out.
Rob Vidovic (BLCE1434) is the person to contact (via CES) for making a time to mind the stall, hand out leaflets and talk to enquirers. You can also bring things to sell there – a great way to show people how trade is done, and it tempts them, seeing what’s available.
It’d be great if those most local to Newmarket can help out regularly.
Deidre Seeto and Jeni Lewington were there last week. This week Rob Vidovic, Jeni (again!) and Bianca Baptista helped out. Who’ll help Rob next week before the Market Trading Day at Albion Peace Hall?

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