Members Map

Members Map

The members map shows members’ approximate location, and is accessible after you log into your account on CES, where you’ll see the above image on the homepage. Click on it and you’ll find all members pin-pointed on a Google map. Members’ account numbers are shown. Use that in the search bar of the CES website to find their contact details, offers and wants. Exact addresses are not shown for privacy reasons. Even in rare cases where members share the same street, we try to find cunning ways to show them as separate pin-points without showing street number. It’s not perfect and needs to be manually updated regularly, so if you see any mistakes, please check your member profile details are correct before sending feedback via our Contact Page or directly to the CES Website Administrator (see front page of CES BrisLETS).

BrisLETS Divisions Diagram

The Members Map has 4 divisions that are colour-coded. The divisions are not important to members, but help BrisLETS organise things – mainly the members’ map. Grey pinpoints are members outside the Brisbane City Council – again, not important, just informative. The boundaries are easily visualized and well-known landmarks; the Brisbane River, the M3/M1 and the western green belt (Mt Coot-tha).

  • North Division: green – north of the river and the green belt
  • South Division: yellow – south of the river and the M3
  • East Division: blue – south of the river and east of the M3
  • West Division: pink – south of the green belt and north of the river

* In some places postcodes cross the M3. The West Division is smallest. The north/west border between the green belt and river is the same as the border between Toowong (south) and Auchenflower (north).

This image and concept of Brisbane was created by BrisLETS. Any reproduction is by permission only and should credit BrisLETS.