Jessie #1422

I joined Logan LETS in 1998, which was started by a nun who I first met in 1989 – she was involved in a food co-op, building and running the Loganlea Neighbours and friends Centre etc.

I took on various committee roles in LETS and 7 other community committees that actually meshed well together. Two Logan Community Centres were Logan LETS members.

I love networking and through talking to OzLETS members I ended up organising the James Taris tour – got to meet local group members and hear how they did things. Also got two media stories on Brisbane Extra and local papers for Logan LETS. I love Cherie’s idea to change the “LETS Linkup” to “L.E.T.S. do it – without money” Facebook page for keeping the history of LETS.

I attended the Brisbane LETS conference (loved the house building segment as had been on the Habitat for Humanity SEQ committee with Kevin Oddy, and the beautiful food), after Logan LETS folded, and joined BrisLETS but wasn’t active until the AGM in 2011 and took on the newsletter editor role.

I am extremely grateful for the healing from the extraordinary people in BrisLETS – I only met them because as editor I thought I should try people so I could recommend them – it has so completely changed my life. I have also had my house decluttered (20 yrs of community files) plus getting to know people through trading days. Probably the most useful thing I have ever traded is the red bag from Jeni – everyone loves it!

I loved collecting the stories for 25th and 30th BrisLETS Celebrations. I am hoping there is an LETS historian who can add more to this work.

(Thanks Jessie for putting together the 30 year presentation)