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BrisLETS is calling for Expressions of Interest from members who are website developers to improve our website.
You will be working with this, our existing WordPress platform to make it more functional like Far North Queensland Community Exchange – Tableland LETS
Time frame: To be completed before the next AGM (July), hopefully sooner.
Deadline for EOI: February 28th

Call for Website Administrator to join the Committee
BrisLETS is also looking for someone to replace our long-time committee serving member, Jeni Lewington.
Description: Responsibilities include maintaining and updating the website/blog, add/modify/delete content as appropriate, including TD/Event reminders and quarterly newsletters. Keeps links active. Posts news on the blogrol as appropriate, e.g. photos and descriptions of recent events.
Responding to the email address:
Has a sound knowledge of WordPress and editing.
Liaises with Events Team and Promotions Coordinator



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