Andrew Gaydon

Andrew Gaydon

PTS (Planning and Technical Support Officer)

My role in the organisation is that of support.

Planning: Somebody has to drive the forward planning of Trading Days, Special events and Promotional activities.
So if you see something that may be of interest to the BrisLETS community, contact me and let me know.

Market Days (Trading day at the Peace Hall at Windsor):  If you would like to run a workshop or give a talk, send me an email

Technical Support: I have a long background in IT, going back to the last century! (In a previous life I was a software developer)
So I’m am here to help you in anyway I can (BrisLETS related). I’m here to help Megan with the BrisLETS website.
I’m here to help you with the CES (Trading platform) website. So if you have any issues or suggestions, I’m ALL EARS!